Daikon or Turnip Leaves Furikake Recipe

My new Swiss friend Sissi and her pals at With a Glass got stuck with daikon and other root vegetable leaves and asked me to help with a few recipes!
Japan gastronomy has the great merit to accomodate as much as possible of any vegetables you can get your hands on as they know too well that thrift and simple recipes come hand in hand!

Here is a simple and easy to adapt “furikake” recipe you can use on top of a bowl of rice or on its own!
“furikake” means ‘condiment to be sprinkled over a dish”.
By the way daikon leaves is daikon ha/大根葉 and turnip leaves is kabu ha/蕪葉!


-Daikon leaves or turnip leaves: the equivalent of the leaves of one root (you might have to increase that particular ingredient. Do experiment!)
-Seame oil: 1 + 1/2 tablespoons
-Sake/Jappanese cooking sake: 2 tablespoons
-Mirin/sweet sake: 1 + 1/2tablespoons
-Soy sauce: 1 + 1/2 tablespoons
-Katsuo Bushi/dry bonito shavings: 2 pinches
-White roasted sesame: 2 tablespoons
-If you have them, dried small shrimps (saura ebi or others) or small dried fish


1) Wash the leaves throroughly and cut thin.. Heat frying pan and pour sesame oil in it.

2) Fry daikon/turnip leaves over a strong fire.. Once they have become soft, add sake, mirin, and soy sauce once a t a time and fry each time until ingredient is absorbed.

3) Add seame seeds and katsuo bushi and fry just a little. If you have the shrimps and fish first fry them over a frypan with as they are and add them at the last moment with the sesame seeds and katsuo bushi..

Serve hot or lukewarm over a bowl of hot rice.
Can be kept inside a Tupperware in the fridge (no need to freeze) and served cold or reheated1

Will come with more soon!

With a Glass,
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18 thoughts on “Daikon or Turnip Leaves Furikake Recipe”

  1. Hello there,
    I am landed here again searching the web for homemade furikake 😉 Are there more recipes (or How to’s) on Shizuoka Gourmet? I cannot see a Search bar here in the site so I always have to do a web search.


  2. Pingback: With a Glass
  3. I have made it today for lunch!!! The daikon leaves were delicious and worked very well with sesame seeds and katsuobushi. I have also realised it was the first furikake in my life. (I will post it maybe next week, I took some photos). Thank you once more for the recipe!


  4. Mille merci, Robert-Gilles! As I have said, you are incredible! Most of all, it’s terribly kind of you. I only hoped for a suggestion or a couple of ideas, meanwhile you publish a detailed recipe! (I looked of course for some recipes on internet before asking you and have found only boring tasteless looking and very few stir-frying ideas… so your recipe is very precious)
    I have all the ingredients apart from dried fish/sardines (the only ones I have are those for making fish dashi). I think I’ll make this furikake today!
    I have also changed recently the rice I buy, following a kind shop assistant advice: now I have a 5 kg bag of yume nishiki rice grown in Italy (the Japanese rice costs here a fortune), but apparently under the control of Japanese rice specialists. It changes so much from the US-grown cheaper rice I used to buy before… It has a taste actually 😉
    I take my scissors and cut into my daikon leaf jungle!
    Thank you again! I will come back to relate my daikon experience!


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