Atami, The Hot Spring City of Yore 2

Botarga/Mullet Roe/Karasumi/カラスミ!

The shopping streets in Atami City are quite old-fashioned. You almost seem to slipped back 30 years when you stroll along them browsing old-fashioned shops of every kind.

Once out of Atami JR station you will find two parallel streets going down sharply on the right. There you will find the epitome of land and sea products of the region.
Will you follow me?

Atami is located at the northern tip of Izu Peninsula, which means an access to an incredible number of fish. Can you believe that Shizuoka produces 50% of all dried and semi-dried fish in Japan?
And of a great quality!

These dried fish are shirasu/白子/sardine whiting. Rare of that size (and not cheap!)!

The himono/干物/dried fish on the left are not cheap either: globefish/fugu/河豚!

One Japanese confectionery typical of Atami is Onsen Manju!

Onsen manju/温泉万寿/means hot spring steamed sweetmeat cake. Many shops are competing with each other!

A great array of fresh fish paste cakes you eat either as they are, or as oden! Very tasty!

A giant Japanese brochette! The sugn says to be carful and not to push the dispaly with your hands (appe\arently some did with a disastrous result!)!

One great thing about Japan is that most (Japanese-style) restaurants display their cuisine as plastic models in their shop windows! At least you have a good idea of what is available!

More seafood left out to dry to become tasty himono! Traceabilty garanteed!

More, including rare tuna himono (bottom right)!

Now, the beautiful kinmedai/金目鯛 (Top righ) is expensive (but not by Tokyo standrds!)!

Izu Peninsula and Atami City are also famous for all kinds of citruses!

Golden oranges/貴金柑 (front) are beautiful and expensive!
They tend to come up with a new variety every year in that region!

Now, if you want to eat sushi, you will know that the seafood is fresh!

Although this is a sushi chain of the cheaper kind, they have the merit to explain clearly the varieties and the prices (very reasonable!)!

Now, what are these?

Karasumi/カラスミ/Botarga, or mullet roe! You can find anything more traceable. This is a truly expensive gastronomic marvel, even in Shizuoka!

A last long look at the shops and then we’ll go to another toursit attraction!

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10 thoughts on “Atami, The Hot Spring City of Yore 2”

  1. Hi RG,

    Long time no read. Just to post something not quake related.
    Since I live in Italy I’ll give you the best botarga recipe we have:
    Take dried botarga, grate it, and add chopped parsley (best ration imho is 2/3 botarga 1/3 parsley).
    Cook some spaghetti and then put them in a pan in which you have put olive oil, garlic (in thin slices) and peperoncino (tiny hot dried red peppers). Heat it for a minute or less. (Don’t overcook the pasta PLEASE!)
    Take out of the fire into plates.
    Add the botarga/parsley on top to liking (like you would add parmesan cheese)… serve. enjoy.

    I think you might already know that one. But just in case.


  2. J’espere que vous allez bien, nous sommes tous tres inqiets pour le Japon de ce cote de la planete.
    Rassurez nous vite de votre bien etre. Mes pensees vont a vous et a votre entourage.


  3. i’m a long-time reader and i wanted to check in to see if you were OK. i hope you and your loved ones are all safe. take care!


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