Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (March 2011) News

To all the friends who got worried about my dear ones and me during the last past few days, I would like to extend my grateful thanks and recognition!

It does look bad to unaccustomed people/viewers, and it is bad, but not as much as some people would like to announce.
True to say, nearly 12,000 citizens are dead or missing and more than 100,000 people have been displaced in a catastrophe of unseen proportions in modern Japan (although it suffered even more greatly in the unrecorded past).
To compound misery, there have been accidents at a few thermonuclear electicity plants.

Now, I would like to reassure everyone about the latter in spite of the hysterics shown by the German and French Embassies in particular: the radiation is not enough to be harmful to humans, and I hope it will stay so.

Moreover, one has to keep his/her perspective: what would have happened if Japan were not the most sophisticated country in the world when it comes to earthquake disaster prevention? Most of the victims disappeared in the incredible tsunami, not so many during the earthquake itself.

On the other hand, there was no rise in crimes, no looting, no riot, but a great patience and wisdom in spite of the overwhelming worries. Restaurants offered free meals in affected areas, small town mayors are working their hearts out for their citizens (“We will fight! Gambaru!”), and everyone is starting cooperating and gathering food and commodities all over Japan.

Japan will survive and become once again a model to emulate.
Mark my work, Japan and the Japanese will come out the stronger out of this ordeal!
Yes, they can!

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16 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (March 2011) News”

  1. My thoughts and prayers to Japan. I have a sister, cousin and their families at Japan that I’m unable to contact since the tsunami and earthquake. I’m praying that they are okay. I really hope so.


    1. Chere Christelle!
      Sutout ne vous affolez pas. je commence a en avoir marre d’ecouter des idiots comme Alain de Chalvron qui est reste calfeutre a Osaka durant “ses” reportages a 770 km du theatre!
      Bien amicalement,


  2. Hello, I’ve been a reader for a bit, but have not commented before – glad to hear you and your family are safe! Keeping Japan in our thoughts and prayers! I and my husband are from San Francisco and are hoping to visit Western Japan next week. We appreciate all the efforts of the bloggers, twitterers and indefatigable news staff and your Cabinet Minister Edano in providing updates to the situation in Sendai/ Fukushima!


  3. Thanks for the news, Robert-Gilles. I’m delighted to learn that you and your wife are in fine fettle.

    It’s hard to imagine what will happen when—not if—the big one strikes California. I hate to say it, but the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant (福島第一原子力発電所) was designed by USA’s General Electric Company.


    1. Thanks my good friend!
      My brother who works for Areva (coincidence, crazy, ain’t it?) told me that they are helping, although it is obviously with a certain interest of their own…


  4. THANK you so very much for putting this in perpective for us. Sometimes it looks so much worse on the outside. I really like your point – Japan being the most soplisticated is groing through this – how would others cope? Hellow….Katrina????

    Pattience, no rioting no looting? Perhaps there is humanity left in us human after all. I can’t begin to express the lightening of spirit I feel after reading your post. THANKS!!!!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


  5. I’m happy to have read the optimism in your post. The images and nuclear situation are saddening and horrific and I have a father in Hachinohe. However we know he and the Japanese are survivors. They survived everything from the two atomic bombs up to the Kobe earthquake. They’ll emerge stronger after this. Their ability to remain calm and respect for one another is what every society should aspire to if they ever have to endure such a catastrophe. My thoughts and prayers are with Japan.


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