Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Oogoshyo Bento

Oogoshyo/大御所 stands for “Lord” or “Leading Figure” in Japanese.
Actually in this case it stands for the first Shogun of the Edo Era, Tokugawa Ieyasu who retired in Sumpu, presently called Shizuoka City!

The Ekiben as I bought it at Shizuoka JR Station today. They call it bento but it is a real ekiben sold inside the station!

The “mon” or Japanese arms/family crest (heraldry) is the mon of Tokugawa Ieayasu!

Clear explanations by Tokaiken Co as usual. I tend to repeat myself, but it shows how the laws are strict about bento and ekiben business in Japan, although the same cannot be said for all…

A piece of translucent paper protects the contents!

Remember that this ekiben was inspired by what a Lord of the Edo Era would eat at a normal repast (more or less…)
Now, what do we have?

I introduced this kind of rice in the previous ekiben.
It is called “sakura han/Cherry tree rice” and is covered with finely flaked tai/ 鯛/red grouper and the rice is a mazegohamn/rice mixed with the juices of the simmered fish.
Actually the whole rice in Japanese is called “tai soboro” and is made with two types of seabream called “madai” and “Himedai” and some egg.

“Sekihan赤飯/” or “red rice”. Red is a color for celebrations in Japan.
This sekihan is made with glutinous rice and azuki beans making for a thick, nourishing staple as served for unknown ages in this country.

Now to the side dish: prawn tempura, grilled mackerel, kamaboko/steamed fish paste, tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette, chicken ball/niwatori dango and soy sauce “bottle”.

The same (clearer picture!) with the opened “capsule” of wasabizuke/wasabi stems and leaves pickled with sake white lees.

The dessert box with the wasabizuke “capsule”. The apricot and the “wagashi” were protected by an extra film of translucent paper.

The two types of wagashi: the one on the left is made with o-mochi/glutinous rice paste and sweetmeats/anko and the second one is a gli\utinous rice ball covered with kinako/soy bean powder.

To be continued…

With a Glass,
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4 thoughts on “Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Oogoshyo Bento”

  1. Robert, I’m reading this on my blackberry at work and I have to say, its making me very hungry! Its also prodding me back in the direction of making bento again as I have been remiss of late due to my new job. Enjoy!


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