Tomatoes & Kabocha in Yaizu City: Ooba Garden

One cannot talk about a producer in a single article!
Actually it is a true pleasure to visit such farmers time and again! There is so much to learn from them!

Therefore I paid my second visit to Mr. Hiroyuki Ooba/大場弘之’s Garden in Yaizu City yesterday!

Mr. Ooba mainly grows tomatoes, especially a variety called Misora 64.
But like most farmers he also grows his own rice, cabbage and a few vegetables on top of his regular crops of iceplants in winter and tomatoes, the last two in greenhouses.

For almost 6 months every year tomatoes have to be selected and harvested almost every day.

According to the market demands tomatoes come into various sizes.

This is the most popular size, although my own preference would go for larger ones!

These yellow stickers are insects/pests traps. But one has to be on a constant lookout for civets, too!

Only two seedlings per pot set in pairs about 1 meter away from each other. Even so, it is a veritable jungle!

Loads of paring and cleaning to do everyday. Even so it all looks pretty clean!

Mr. Ooba’s father built those solid greenhouses!

Each plant has to be secured on poles and along lines!

A proof of a hard work day!

This year Mr. Ooba has decided to experiment with different varieties of kabocha! This one is called “Utsukiyaseakakuri/打木早生赤栗/Red Kuri squash in English, Potimarron in French.

This one is called “Yumemi”/夢味/grey-white squash.

Even among the seemingly common green kabocha there are many varieties. This one is called “Hakkori Ebisu”/はっこりえびす.

Mr. Ooba has set apart a small space to grow his own thin leeks!

And even grapes!

A general view of very healthy looking squash plant rows!

Too much water is detrimental to squash, so the soil is kept dry and free of pests with sheets of fabric.

The selected flowers an fruits will have to be hung on lines to preserve color and shape!

Once again a lot of paring has to be done as only the best flowers will be chosen!

A beautiful flower promising a great squash!

I will come again to have a good look at all those kabocha.
For the moment I was interested in acquiring tomatoes!
The scale above shows the various stages of ripeness!

I bought two cartons of these!
These Misora 64 have a great balance between acidity and sweetness, a great change from the usually sweet tomatoes in demand these days!

Ooba Garden, Mr. Hiroyuki Ooba
421-0212, Shizuoka ken, Yaizu Shi, Riemon, 250-2
Tel.: 054-622-2661
Mobile: 090-3839-7027
Mobile E-mail:

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2 thoughts on “Tomatoes & Kabocha in Yaizu City: Ooba Garden”

  1. I agree with you, I also don’t like too sweet tomatoes. The slight acidity makes the taste more lively. (The worst thing happens however on the apple market… even on the farmer markets – I don’t mention supermarkets – I have to go and look old people selling leftovers of the varieties they keep only for themselves, they say most clients don’t want even slightly acid apples).
    I wonder what you’ll do with the bought tomatoes… Any Japanese dishes? On the other hand, a simple tomato tart is so good when the tomatoes are best quality!


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