Robert Yellin Newsletter: Koinuma Michio Exhibition & Ogawa Machiko, Mihara Ken Works

Ogawa Machiko

Greetings from Kyoto,

To all subscribers to our mailing list a hearty ‘Okini’ from Kyoto; hoping this finds you well and living with and touching beauty in some form each and every precious day.

We’re firmly settled into our truly splendid house near Ginkakuji—the Silver Pavilion—and have had many folks visit who would not have otherwise if we were still in Mishima; the move was a good move! If you haven’t yet seen photos of the new space please do so here:

Koinuma Michio Exhibition

As many know autumn is known as the Season of Culture here in Japan and we are pleased to present for our first exhibition new works by legendary and influential Mashiko-based artist Koinuma Michio.

In a past issue of Japan’s leading ceramic magazine ‘Honoho Geijutsu,’ Koinuma was named one of the top 100 potters in all of Japan. That is quite an honor considering the tens of thousands of professional potters here. Koinuma(b1936) as noted is based in Mashiko but his creations are far from Mingei; they are clay works of highest artistic merit and in important museum and private collections worldwide. Please have a look at 15 new works here.

Ogawa Machiko, Mihara Ken Works


We also have added some important works from artists such as Ogawa Machiko with a large red circa 1987 vessel and a circa 1991 large Mihara Ken ‘Wave-Wind’ motif vessel. For those who might be looking for special autumn sake flask—of course autumn is when sake tastes best—this flask by Living National Treasure Tamura Koichi should fit the bill: click here

Up-and-coming Potters – Hattori Katsuya

The past few months I’ve also looked at the work of up-and-coming potters and not just those who make sculptural works, yet also those who make ‘simple’ works for daily use, and whose works are very reasonable. One such potter is Hattori Katsuya.

His tea pots, bowls and cups are a joy to look at, to use, and add much character to any table. The koma-linear motifs found on his works remind me of Edo period Seto works in a mugiwara-de or ‘barley straw style,’ so favored by the likes of Shirasu Masako.

Other News

In October starting from the 15th we’ll be showing recently-fired pieces by famed Iga potter Fujioka Shuhei; he’s been busy for months now making the new works, with an emphasis on tsubo-jar forms. Look also for many other of his ‘samurai-slash’ forms that certainly command attention.

In Kyoto I also have access to a wider range of very hard-to-get-into-dealer-only auctions, so please look for one-of-a-kind works from past-modern and contemporary potters, one such find is a very rare circa late Edo period set of Noh mukozuke from the Iwakura-yaki style based here in Kyoto: click here.

We — Chihiro and Sumie and I — hope you visit the online gallery to refresh your spirit and mind in these amazing times; empires come and go, yet the only thing that remains is art and the legacy of those who touched it.

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