Gastronome Dragons (1): Dame Sissi and Sire Charles!

Shuzenji, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka, Japan.

Dragons are not evil creatures.

You may find some specimens akin to the fallen angels exposed in civilizations which misunderstood their true character and talents, but true dragons have the happiness of mankind in their hearts and ceaselessly contribute to its nurturing whenever they can or are allowed to as shown in this story.

As far as their gender is concerned some are attracted by their opposites while others feel content among similar denizens of their worlds. But plenty are satisfied enough with their own lot and do not feel the obligation to entertain intimate relations with their own kin.

Dragons by essence are long lived creatures with an unequalled wealth of knowledge and experience, which explains why they are so keen on their hedonisitic pleasures.
A true dragon will not bother amass and sleep over riches like some of their poor misled copies in faraway lands.
It, she or he will be constantly in search of new pleasures to share with like-minded souls for the betterment of this sometimes sad World of our own.

This particular dragon is taking this opportunity, while writing in this grimoire in a lair hidden under an extinct volcano in an island famed for its morning sun, to introduce other dragons working hard for the expansion of gastronomic pleasure thanks to the humans who finally started to grasp the art of communicating through the magic of instant scrolls!


Brittany Pucks, or Palets bretons

This Dame Dragon, apparently always holding a glass in her talons, seems to show a great predilection for strong nectars!
Her lair lies in a land surrounded by many mountains under a thick blanket of snow in winter and many green pasturages in summer.
She is a very inquisitive creature who never tires of exploring the food and drinks of faraway regions that she reproduces with profound magic for the joy and pleasure of many friends over lands and oceans!
If you wish to make her acquaintance be prepared for a lot of questions and comments on your magical grimoire!


Kanelbullar (Cinnamon Buns)

Dragon Charles used to hide in a faraway island populated with proud people before he flew over the sea to land near a splendid Castle and Gardens in a nation famed for its long and rich gastronomy.
Living beside such an opulent monument does not prevent him to research great food for a small price so as to help less affluent humans.
Actually Sire Charles has a dream: to be able one day to show his art on a giant scroll floating in the sky for all to see and emulate!
I forgot to mention that Charles has a very long sweet tooth (fang!)!

To be continued in the next scroll…


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With a Glass,
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6 thoughts on “Gastronome Dragons (1): Dame Sissi and Sire Charles!”

  1. Aww, that’s so cool – thank you so much Robert-Gilles, for writing such an awesome piece about me – I did have such fun reading it today 🙂 Speaking of “sweet fangs”, wait until you see what I’m posting tomorrow – you especially should appreciate it hopefully!

    I have to say though – a true dragon would probably have no problem gulping down a “Véritable Andouillette de Troyes A.A.A.A.A”… this is something I have not yet managed… perhaps it means I’m still a hatchling 😀


      1. Heh, that was, coincidentally, the location of the best salade niçoise that I ever had. Must try and get back there some day… lovely little town!


  2. Cher Robert-Gilles, I am very proud to count among the “like-minded souls” and sincerely touched to be invited to the elitist circle of dragons. Your kind and warm words have almost made me cry over my morning cup of coffee.
    When I first discovered your blog, the world I saw seemed like from a different planet. Thanks to your kind explanations and help, it became close, familiar and I now feel like a virtual citizen of Shizuoka.
    I don’t have your writing skills, so I will never know how to express my gratitude for your patient explanations, detailed answers, for your help in my attempts to copy your talented wife’s bento dishes and,most of all, the numerous recipes you have posted or reposted especially for me. (Have I told you oyakodon made according to your recipe has been our regular and obligatory Sunday lunch for several months now?) The only thing I regret is that we live in such remote places on this planet and I cannot invite your for a glass of my kumquat-infused vodka… I only hope my dream to admire your wonderful land of sake, tea and wasabi soon comes true and we can have a glass (or two!) of one of the extraordinary beverages no one describes as well as you. Thank you, Robert-Gilles, for your kindness and friendship, Sissi


    1. Now, the old dragon is blushing under his scales!
      Judging from the number of your fans and received comments you are simply underrating yourself!
      Believe me, you deserve compliments!


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