Gastronome Dragons (2): Dame Nami and Sire Argentum Vulgaris

Komagata Shinto Shrine, Aoi Ku, Shizuoka City, japan!

Dragons are not evil creatures.

You may find some specimens akin to the fallen angels exposed in civilizations which misunderstood their true character and talents, but true dragons have the happiness of mankind in their hearts and ceaselessly contribute to its nurturing whenever they can or are allowed to as shown in this story.

As far as their gender is concerned some are attracted by their opposites while others feel content among similar denizens of their worlds. But plenty are satisfied enough with their own lot and do not feel the obligation to entertain intimate relations with their own kin.

Dragons by essence are long lived creatures with an unequalled wealth of knowledge and experience, which explains why they are so keen on their hedonisitic pleasures.
A true dragon will not bother amass and sleep over riches like some of their poor misled copies in faraway lands.
It, she or he will be constantly in search of new pleasures to share with like-minded souls for the betterment of this sometimes sad World of our own.

This particular dragon is taking this opportunity, while writing in this grimoire in a lair hidden under an extinct volcano in an island famed for its morning sun, to introduce other dragons working hard for the expansion of gastronomic pleasure thanks to the humans who finally started to grasp the art of communicating through the magic of instant scrolls!


Mom’s Shrimp Ball

Dame Nami originates from the same Island as this Dragon but she swam across (instead of flying over) vast expanses of ocean to reach the Land of Promise where she presently resides with her soul mate.
A very shy Dragon she has taken upon hereself to impart her knowledge of the gastronomy of her birthplace and adoptive land.
Her shyness is only a wise foil and she imparts an untold wealth of secrets to her apprentices tharough a clever use of modern magic allied to her inherent powers and those of her ancestors!


Witches Brew!

Argentum Vulgaris is a venerable Dragon (like this one?) who may not reveal his true name as he is an archivist.
Although his main interest tends to fall on Things That Fizz & Other Stuff, he scours the universe from the other side of this World in search of gastronomic knowledge to record it on his public grimoire accessible to all.
Having amassed an inimaginable hoard of treasure for all to share during his incessant voyages and meetings with creatures of all genres and births he is nonetheless quick to belch fire on anything ot anybody he does not deem fit to appear in front of him.
A Dragon to treat with care and respect but quite endearing in this Dragon’s eyes!


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4 thoughts on “Gastronome Dragons (2): Dame Nami and Sire Argentum Vulgaris”

  1. Hehe, I do enjoy reading your posts like this Robert-Gilles. So charming to read! Good pick with Nami – she’s a great person! 🙂 Must check out Argentum Vulgaris!


  2. I’m very glad to read about Nami here! She is an excellent cook, blogger and photographer!
    I am hopping to Things that Fizz. The blog sounds very intriguing!


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