Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (12/11): Gyoza Meat Sauce Bento!

Now, why did I call this bentoGyoza meat sauce bento”? There is no gyoza included, right?
Actually, the Missus helped herself with unused gyoza filling made the previous day!


She steamed plain rice before filling the main box with it.
She then topped part of the rice with boiled carrots and green cauliflower (cauliflower, not romanesco or broccoli!).
I wonder what flag colors it would represent?

Don’t ask about the recipe, I just don’t know!
The Missus fried the gyoza filling left from overnight mixed with some tomato sauce before adding boiled taro/sato imo cut into pieces. Incidentally, the taro roots were boiled by your servant as the Missus does not care much for them! They were also leftovers!
Having fried the lot, she poured it over the rice and sprinkled it with plenty of black sesame seeds.

The side dish was both beautiful and healthy!
Boiled rape flowers/na no hana seasoned with gomadare/sesame dressing.
Lotus root slices fried with yuzu koshio. Very piquant!
Yama imo/Japanese yam pickled with amazu and red cucumber pickles.
Boiled black beans.

Very solid, healthy and yummy!


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8 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (12/11): Gyoza Meat Sauce Bento!”

  1. Thank you, Robert-Gilles! It gives me lots of ideas… It’s true that when I tried okonomiyaki without yamaimo it didn’t stick together so well.
    I see you are in a good mood 😉 By “what they can do” I meant the French living in small villages and towns (near the Swiss border) do not seem such adventurous cooks.. or maybe they are? I am happy they sell yamaimo anyway. Organic shops in France sell generally lots of “exotic” food products (azuki beans for example), and also fresh produce. Maybe the clients – people who care for the quality of food – are also more curious of other ethnic cuisines and exotic new vegetables?


    1. I would say that since people are becoming more health-conscious they should become more interested in new alternatives!
      That is certainly what is happening here in Japan!


  2. Robert-Gilles, I really enjoy reading about and admiring your wife’s bentos. I think compared to other bentos, hers prove a special attention given to colours. It’s obvious especially when compared to your posts of ekiben (very appetising too, but they cannot beat your wife’s sense of colour).
    Do you know my French organic shop has been selling yamaimo for a couple of months now? This is why I could put it into okonomiyaki 😉 Do you know if I can freeze it? Dry it? I’m worried it won’t be sold forever…


    1. Dear Sissi!
      Thank you so much for your comments! The Missus is gong to blush!
      The fact that she makes only two bentos a week does help! LL
      I’m going to publish the second one today!
      Yes, yamaimo can be frozen. Actually this is one way to cut it without getting sticky fingers.
      The best thing to do is to wipe it off any humidity, put it inside an airtight plastic bag and freeze it!
      It might be a good idea to cut it into manageable portions before freezing it!
      One thing, could you please check which company imports it to France for me?


      1. Robert-Gilles, thank you for the precious advice. I will buy a big one and freeze into individual portions (now I use it only in okonomiyaki, but I make it at least once a week; I’m hooked!). The stickiness on hands is a bit disgusting, but I’m an adventurous cook, so it didn’t put me off 😉 Now I know thanks to you how to avoid it.
        Haha! I don’t even have to check the importing company! The “ignames” come from… France! Yes, I know, I was also very surprised. The majority of the products sold in organic shops in France comes from France (kumquats: South of France, kiwis: la Drôme!, sweet potatoes also France, etc.). Funny isn’t it? I’m asking myself what do the French clients do with yam…


      2. Dear Sissi!
        You are most welcome!
        You did surprise me to make me discover yama imo were grown in France although I’m not that surprised, but I’m sure wasabi cannot be grown in France! LOL
        What do the French do with yam? I was going to be irreverent/rude but actually thinking of it yama imo can be used as a food liaise instead of eggs! here you are!


  3. This is definitely a beautiful bento with a balanced diet . I would love to have your bento set anytime. Over here we don’t have that rape flowers and we cant find yuzu koshio so wont be able to imagine how it taste like 🙂 but from the look it must be good !


    1. Dear Elin!
      I will re-publish the yushu koshio recipe soon!
      I’m sure you’llbe able to reproduce it!
      By the way I’ve tried three times to leave a message in your mesage box but it was refused all the time…


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