[English/Japanese] Portraits of Shizuoka #3 : Aizome, Indigo Dyeing

Greetings everyone Today we will talk about the Shizuoka traditionnal dyeing : Aizome

It is of utmost importance to respect the private life and work of the people we introduce, many of whom are friends/personal acquaintances. If you wish to contact them we would be most grateful that you proceed through us first.

We specialize in Shizuoka where we have lived tens of years. The local gastronomy is one of our main focuses. We invite you to peruse the following sites to follow our reports:

https://shizuokagourmet.com/ (French/English) https://saveursdujapon.me/ (French) https://www.facebook.com/Japanecdote

e kindly remind you that this video is our sole property. We believe that because of the Covid 19 it is important to focus on our particular region which has welcomed us along the years but we do not pretend to know all its richness yet and hope you will discover and enjoy them together with us… in front of your screen or one day on site! Our most sincere thanks to you and them all!

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