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Tiramisu: Japanese Style

Cheese Tiramisu by Takagi

A Foodbuzz Friend of mine going by the name of Bazooka Gourmet thought that Tiramisu originated from Japan.
Unfortunately it didn’t.
But it is a fact that it is a very popular dessert in Japan.
As the Japanese are incredibly adept at improving original recipes I thought it could be an interesting idea to see what was avalaible in this country!

Here is what I found:

Matcha Tiramisu

As served at Pizzeria Morita (Osaka shi, Fukushima Ku, 5-6-33, Inou Bldg. 1F. Tel.: 06-6450-0630) and TACY CAFE (Osaka shi, Kita Ku, Umeda, 1-12-6, Iima 1F. Tel.: 06-6342-1687)

By Kasarin no Tsurezure Diary

Marron Tiramisu by ABC Cooking Studio

Chocolate Tiramisu by PATISSIER Louise

Tiramisu Ice Cake by Chat de Roll

Damier Tiramisu by Kawajie

Another Matcha Tiramisu by Hand-made Kiki

Tiramisu Cupcake by Sanae Pon

Christmas Tiramisu by Soy

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