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Health & Nutrition Facts in Japanese Food 4: Calories Count at McDonald’s, Starbucks & Mr. Donuts

McDonald’s at Shinjuku, Tokyo

As demonstrated by many food bloggers, cooking and creating great foods and drinks have become incomplete and unsatisfying when not considering the benefits or adverse effects of the same foods and drinks regardless of their taste.
I do not intend to delve into counselling or consulting, but only to offer some knowledge about the nutrition and health facts in Japanese food.
The Japanese have their own imported diners represented mainly by McDonald’s, Starbucks and Mr. Donuts. Since they are doing good business here, I was curious about the calories intake in their offerings.
Here are the results of my research. Please note that these numbers concern only food served inside Japan. I will let you judge the benefits!

Health & Nutrition Facts in Japanese Food 4: Calories Count at McDonald’s, Starbucks & Mr. Donuts


(as of 26th December 2009)

-Double Quarter Pounder Cheese: 825 kcl
-Bacon Lettuce burger: 422 kcl
-Hamburger: 274 kcl
-Cheese Burger: 322 kcl
-Teriyaki Mac Burger: 509 kcl
-Fillet Fish: 352 kcl
-Chicken Mac Nuggets (5 pieces+bbq sauce): 322 kcl
-Cinnamon Melts: 449 kcl
-Mac Fried Potatoes (M size): 454 kcl
-Mac Shake Chocolate (S size9: 211 kcl
-Hot Apple Pie: 211 kcl

Starbucks, Shinjuku, Tokyo


Below drinks are all Tall Size (as of 26th December 2009)

-Matcha Cream Frapuccino: 430 kcl
-Caramel Frapuccino: 307 kcl
-Caffe Mocha: 320 kcl
-Starbucks Latte: 203 kcl
-Soy Latte: 200 kcl
-Mango Passion Tea Frapuccino: 144 kcl
-Caramel Makiart: 189 kcl
-Drip Coffee: 20 kcl

Mr. Donuts, Sendai City


(as of 26th December 2009)

-Cookie Cruller Coconuts: 397 kcl
-Choco Fashion: 307 kcl
-Honey Cello: 192 kcl
-Old Fashion: 277 kcl
-Baked Chou Custard & Whip: 176 kcl
-Double Chocolate: 240 kcl
-Rich Donut Honey dip: 190 kcl
-Bon.De.Ring: 225 kcl
-French Cruller: 158 kcl

As an indication a non-active (physical exercise) lady needs 1750 kcl a day, a moderately active lady needs 2050 kcl a day and a physically active lady needs 2350 kcl a day.

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