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Tofu Recipe: Tofu Shiozuke/Salt-preserved Tofu


Here is an easy recipe to help you and the “Tofu Tribe” (Terecita, Elin, Jenn and Jennifer modify and preserve tofu for all kind of usages!
Tofu Shiozuke/Salt-preserved Tofu!

-Tofu: 1 “cho”/200 g (Kinu or Momen type)
-Salt: 2g


Take tofu block out of its package and put it kitchen working plank. Sprinkle it with 1 g of salt.


Cover with a sheet of kitchen paper.


Cover the tofu and its kitchen paper with a plastic Tupperware-type box.


Turn box and plank over holding them together.


Take off plank and sprinkle the tofu bottom face with 1 g of salt.


Close paper kitchen over tofu.


Close the box and leave inside refrigerator in the evening.


Next morning there should be about 20cc of water having seeped through the kitchen paper. Discard water.


Wrap again in new clean kitchen paper. Put back into dry Tupperware-type plastic box and close. Put back into fridge until the next morning.
The tofu will have reduced size by half by then.


That’s how it would look. Smaller and firmer. More water should have seeped out. Discard it.



On a bowl of freshly steamed rice serve with with thinly sliced raw okra, preserved chrysanthemum leaves. Then pour hot tea on top!


Pickle it with fresh miso for one night and eat it as a snack!


Beautiful in salad with avocado slices!


Served with chopped vegetables and garlic chips!


Stuffed inside Aburaage with boiled beans then grilled and seasoned with seaweed dashi/stock and ponzu!

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Tofu Recipe: Tips for Easy Snacks


I was thinking of the “Tofu Tribe” (Terecita, Elin, Jenn and Jennifer) when riding the bu to work this morning. No bicycle these days as we are in the midlle of the rainy season!

The day before the Missus had served a quick snack (see pic above) consisting of tofu on which she poured extra virgin olive oil, coarsely ground black pepper and a little salt.
Very simple. Not very artistic, I admit, but the idea was there.

Now, many vegans and vegetarians like their tofu, but are running out of ideas…

How about, for example, creating a plate (use a large one with “compartments” for better effect!) with an assortment of tofu pieces seasoned with different varieties of oils, ground peppers and other spices, finely chopped vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers for good colouring. I love my tofu mounted with chopped shiso/perilla leaves, umeboshi/Japanese pickled plums meat and a dash of ponzu!
And what about natto/fermented beans with chopped shiso leaves and grated fresh ginger?

You could do the same thing with fried tofu, deep-fried tofu and aburaage.
How about a piece of fsh tofu mounted with freshly cut and fried aburaage, wasabi, grated fresh ginger and ponzu?

Endless bliss!

Will be introducing oils in my next posting!

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Tofu Recipe: Tofu Manju with Ankake Sauce/Tofu Dumplings in Sweet and Sour Sauce

(Courtesy: Blue Island)

Here is another simple tofu recipe dedicated to Elin, all tofu lovers, vegans and vegetarians:
Tofu Manju with Ankake Sauce/Tofu Dumplings in Sweet and Sour Sauce!

-Tofu (momen tofu style9: 1 “Cho”/200 g
-Carrot: one fifth
-String beans: 2~3
cornstarch: 1 large tablespoon
-salt: a pinch

For sweet and sour sauce:
-Dashi (Konbu dashi/seaweeed stock): half a cup/100 ml
-Soy sauce: half a large tablespoon
-Sugar:2 large tablespoons
-Rice vinegar: 1 large tablespoon
-Cornstarch dissolved in water: to one’s personal liking

RECIPE: For 2 people


Press water out of tofu. Sift it completely. Boil finely cut carrots and string beans until soft enough. Drain all water.


drop tofu and vegetables in a mixing bowl. Mix in cornstarch and salt. Divisde in 4 and make balls. Wrap each individually in cellophane paper. Twist cellophane warap and secure with rubber band or string.
Steam for at least 4 minutes.

Sweet and sour sauce:
Heat dashi stock, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar, stirring all the time. Mix in cornstarch dissolved in water.
The sauce is ready.

Serve dumplings on plate and cover them with the sauce!

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Tofu Recipe: Aburaage/ Recette de Tofu : Aburaage

(Aburaage Soup)

Aburaage is basically a deep-fried thin slice of tofu.
It does offer a very versatile option as it can be used as it is, or open as a pouch it becomes the base for inari sushi and many other variations!

Here is a simple recipe:

Tofu (firm Momen tofu type): 1 large piece/block (Icho in Japanese)
Thick Towel
Cellophane paper
Long wooden disposable chopsticks (wari-bashi)
“Piano string”, or the equivalent
Water drainer
Oil thermometer (up to 200 degrees Celsius)


Make identations or marks on the chopsticks every 5 mm up to the height of the tofu block.

Tie “piano string” around chopsticks as shown on pic first at 10 mm height (or higher up to 15 mm if you wish), and cut tofu by sliding chopsticks along the cutting table (it should easy, but make sure you cut tofu evenly!)

Tofu being soft, it is not easy to manipulate.
Later, when you will manipulate it, the best way is to first turn over the whole onto your open palm and have each slice slide away.

Before manipulating the tofu, first put a 500g weight (anything over a thin wooden plank if you don’t have asushi weight) on top of the tofu for 2 hours to get as much water off as possible.
Transfer slices onto thick towel and leave them there for an hour.

First frying step: fry tofu slice at 130 degrees Celsius (make sure to keep the temperature constant!) for 6 minutes. This will allow for a uniform heating.

Second frying step: bring oil temperature to 160 degrees Celsius.
If tofu contains too much water or if you fry in a single step, it will fail to achieve the right shape and quality.

Aburaage will usually be a bit hard upon frying.

To make it soft, wrap it in cellophane paper and and heat inside electric oven. As soon as water comes out of aburaage inside the cellopahne paper, take the whole out and unwrap aburaage.

The aburaage should be soft by then.

Check if the aburaage needs a second frying (according to your liking).
if you fry it at 130 degrees, it will reduce as the one on the right in the picture.
If you fry it at 160 degrees you will obtain an aburaage like the left one on the picture (longer one).

To properly open it, cut in half, and then cut inside to form a pouch!

Recette de Tofu frit : Aburaage

(Soupe de Aburaage )

L’aburaage est un une fine tranche de tofu que l’on fait frire. C’est une met assez polyvalent, car il peut être dégusté tel quel (recouvert de sauce soja, et de gingembre en le faisant un peu griller par exemple), en soupe, ou alors devenir l’enveloppe d’inari sushi.

Je vous donne une recette simple mais il en existe bien d’autres, notamment on peut jouer sur l’épaisseur du tofu frit.


Tofu (type momen) :  1 bloc (Icho en japonais)

Une serviette épaisse
Du film célophane
Des baguettes longues (wari-bashi)
Une corde de piano, ou quelque chose équivalent
Un égouttoir
De l’huile
Et un thermomètre qui peut monter jusqu’à 200 degrés.



Faire des marques tous les 5mm le long de la hauteur du bloc (Cela représente la future hauteur découpée). Vous pouvez aussi enrouler la corde de piano le long des baquettes que vous aurez aussi marquées tous les 5 millimètres.


Enrouler la corde de piano comme ci-dessus le long des baguettes. Commencez à partir de 10mm en haut, voire 15 si vous voulez et coupez le tofu en faisant glisser les baguette le long de la planche à découper. Ce n’est pas compliqué mais soyez sûr d’être bien droits.


Le tofu même quand il est en bloc n’est pas facile à manipuler, alors les tranches, je vous laisse imaginer. L’idéal est quand vous le manipuler de toujours saisir ses tranches dans l’intégralité de la paume de votre main.


Avant de commencer, mettez un poids de 500g sur le tofu, de quoi faire pression pour en évacuer l’eau. Cela prendra deux heures. Ensuite posez-le sur une serviette pour extraire encore plus d’eau.


Première friture : Il faut le chauffer à 130 degrés, et que cette température ne varie pas pendant 6 minutes. L’uniformité de la cuisson est indispensable.

Deuxième friture: On monte à 160 degrés. Si vous avez trop d’eau dans votre tofu, et si vous ne respectez pas les étapes, vous allez le rater.

L’aburaage est un peu dur une fois la cuisson terminée.


Pour le rendre plus mou, il faut le mettre dans du papier cellophane et le chauffer au four électrique. Quand l’eau s’échappe de l’aburaage il se ramollira.

Vous devez obtenir ce résultat.


Vérifiez si vous avez besoin de faire une deuxième friture, selon votre goût. 130 degrés vous donnerons le résultat de droite sur la photos du dessus, 160 celui de gauche (plus long).

En général quand vous le coupez en deux, vous voyez si vous avez réussi… ou pas !

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