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Vegan Dressing: Shizuoka Wasabi Dressing


Shizuoka has claimed world fame for being the first to grow wasabi in the 17th Century (in Yutogi, Shizuoka City exactly, up along the Abe River) and for producing more than 80% of the wole Japanese output, but people tend to forget that it can be accomodated in varuious manners, apart of being used a condiment for sashimi, sushi and the ubuquitous makisushi/rolled sushi!

The whole plant for instance can be made ito a pickled delicacy of its own.

One more great use has been initiated in Mishima City in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture: Wasabi Dressing!

It is not at all hot, but almost sweet and makes great accompaniment for any salads, on omelettes (Japanese or traditional) and mixed with sauces. I (and my better/worse) half are still disovering more usages!

Definitely worth a try! Moreover it contains a crowd of healthy ingredients!
Moreover, as it contains only vegetal oil, vinegar and ntural spices, it makes for the perfect vegan or vegetarian dressing!

Wasabi Dressing
Izu Kameya Co.
Mishima City, Heiseidai 5
Tel.: 0120369981
Can be bought in Sunpu Raku Ichi Shop, Asty, Shizuoka JR Station

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