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Foodbuzz: How to add the Foodbuzz logo onto one’s site


Greetings again!

As I said before, many new blogmates have some problems to get used to Foodbuzz which is becoming more and more sophisticated!
Ruth some time ago asked me how to add the foodbuzz logo onto one’s site.
Although it is comparatively easy, it is not evident for newcomers and easy to miss out.
Now the Foodbuzz team is too busy to answer all (the same) questions pertaining to that matter.
Again it is up to us, Foodbuzz members, to help each other. LOL
Someone, some day, is going to start shooting at the old geezer who is having so much fun!!

Now, here is how you proceed:
-Open Foodbuzz Homepage (we know that!…)
-Scroll down to the very bottom. You should find all kinds of links there:
About Us | How-it-Works | Newsletters | Widgets | Tell a Friend Contest | Join Featured Publisher Program, etc…
-Click on “Widgets”
-You will see three Widgets and Badges to choose from.
-Select a version and a size and a location if needed by clicking on the small square.
-Copy the html code directly. If you don’t how, bring your cursor (arrow) before “<” at the very beginning. Click once with the left-hand part of your mouse. The whole inside of the box should go black (if not, press Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C manually).
-Press manually and silmuteanously Ctrl + C.
-Copy the html in the wanted spot on your website by pressing manualy and silmuteanously Ctrl + V.

If you have a question do not hesitate!

Robert-Gilles Martineau

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