Persimmon Vinegar: Denbei Kakisu

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This particular (very few in Japan) Persimmon Vinegar was created by the man who revolutioned Shizuoka Sake for the last thirty years, Denbei Kawamura of Shizuoka City.

Volume: 500 cc
Jiro Persimmon extract (variety created in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1884, grown by Niko Niko Koen): 20%
Yeasts: Shizuoka HD-1 and vinegar yeast No 34
Citric acid: 4.0~4.5%
Bottled in June 2007 (original batch)

Its creator declared it is particularly beneficial against high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. High in vitamin C, it also helps prevent skin trouble. Other vitamins include B1, B2, Carotene. Finally it is high in minerals.

It can be used for seasoning or drinking.
I particularly appreciated it mixed with Shizuoka mineral water. It gives a great original flavour to dressing and sauces. Highly recommended.
Sold in Raku Ichi Store, Asty, Shizuoka JR Station

Shizuoka Ken, Fukuroi City, Matsubara 932
Tel.: 0538-238211

3 thoughts on “Persimmon Vinegar: Denbei Kakisu”

  1. It is a very fine vinegar with complexity and a tingly spicy finish from the persimmon. I would use it like a French tarragon style vinegar perhaps with some ginger or scallion in a raw dressing.

    In comparison to the industrila quality white vinegar that you might use to clean your home, not vinegar-y at all!!


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