Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (42)

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Yesterday being a National Holiday (which I spent in bed with a cold &%##$#) this week will see only one bento of note!


The “staple dish” consisted of Tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette containing tobikko/Flying Fish roe and finely chopped thin leeks/hosonegi,

bento-2008-11-25f bento-2008-11-25g

The nigiri/rice balls were wrapped in fresh shiso/perilla leaves, either containing furikake/dried Japanese seasoning or o-kkaka/dried bonito shavings and hijiki seaweed.


The Missus had added a few deep-fried renkon/lotus roots. I just love those! Do not bother with whatever junk food under the name of renkon. The real product is so much tastier and healthier!


The “main dish” included fresh cucumber, celery, mini tomatoes, black olives with mayonnaise, kara-age chicken/deep-fried chicken with a little lemon for extra seasoning.
Dessert was fresh figs peeled and cut to size. They are dead cheap in Shizuoka as the Prefecture grows them until very late in the year!

7 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (42)”

  1. Dear Elin!
    Thank you for your concern!
    I’m back on my two (short) legs!
    First peel the renkon and cut them into thin slices.
    Lightly wash them and drain.
    Put them inside kitchen paper to take all water off.
    Throw them in deep or shallow oil heated to 180 degrees and cook until colour change.
    Take them out and leave them on a kitchen paper for a minute.
    Throw them again in the oil and cook until golden brown.
    Take them out and leave them on a kitchen paper for a little while.
    Serve hot or cold!


  2. Hi Robert,

    Wish you speedy recovery from your cold. Your bento looks interesting..haha all the good nutrients foodstuff 🙂

    Can you tell me how you make the renkon crispy?

    Take care.



  3. looks delicious. There is a little restaurant here that serves the main course in bento boxes. When I have a kitchen that is a decent size I am going to buy some and use them to serve my dinner guests lots of little main dishes


  4. Dear Lojol!
    Do it by any means!

    Dear Dee!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments!
    Furikake in mexico! Well, the Japanese are everywhere, aren’t they?
    Cheers and all that!


  5. This is beautiful. Sorry you were sick in bed, feel better! The leaves wrapped around the nigiri are very nice. They remind me of grape leaves here. I love small compact lunches like this. I have just located furikake here to season the rice with. Yes, even in Mexico!!! I look forward to more Bento images. Nicely posted.


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