Robert Yellin Mishima Yakimono Gallery Newsletter: Kansha (Appreciation) from Japan

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Greetings from Mishima,

As 2008 comes to a close we here in Mishima would like to say thank you for visiting our gallery this year; kansha is a good word the Japanese use to express their appreciation and we send our kansha to you.
Last week we concluded our recent Shimura Noriyuki exhibition and it was a lot of fun indeed. Not our usual shibui offerings, yet Shimura is a fine ceramic artist who sparks the imagination and senses, and as Einstein once said imagination is more important than knowledge. Shimura’s works were bought by clients worldwide and kansha to all who visited the exhibition online.
If anyone is looking for a year-end gift or something for yourself, until our last day at the gallery–which will be Dec.26th–EMS insured express postage for any item will be on the house, and works in our back pages that have been waiting for a good home we are offering a deal on those, so if anything there interests you please email me at (web gallery is of course at

Also, this year we have a neat Hokusai Fuji-san calendar to send out as well with anything leaving the gallery.

Next year we will have Iga, Shigaraki and Bizen exhibitions, as well as participating at the Art Fair Tokyo from April 3-5!

In any event, again our deep thanks and kansha; wishing you a very pleasant and relaxing year-end and a very positive 2009, with many days just as you like them.

Namaste from Mishima,

Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery

2 thoughts on “Robert Yellin Mishima Yakimono Gallery Newsletter: Kansha (Appreciation) from Japan”

  1. Oh, being an artist I have great appreciation for this work. Beautiful, and boy would I love to visit and own something like this. We saw a Ming Dynasty Vase in a French Restaurant the other night…the owner collects vases from many well know artist around the world. I bet your house has quite a collection of pottery and art???


    1. Dear Liz!
      Robert yellin is a great friend of mine and I am a fan of his work/business as he is the only one in this country sellin and supporting pottery in a such a way!
      No, my home does not hold a collection pottery except for the Missus’ intermnable rabbit pottery collection! LOL


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