Sashimi Set at Tomii (’09/04)

Pic kindly upgraded by Jay Gustafson!

As said before, there are times I cannot work until late without taking a break and have a quick bite. I prefer to eat good food, then, even to a minimum. I’ve long stopped “filling a hole” with the nearest junk food.

To make a story short, I found myself in front a sashimi plate at my favourite Japanese restaurant, Tomii (the second posting in a row, I know! LOL).

Here is what I was served:
(From right to left, bottom row)
-Isaki no Yakishimo/Isaki is a local seabream/snapper. “Yakishimo” can be called “Aburi”, that is the fish has been ever so slightly grilled on its skin. The fish was caught in Suruga Bay.
-Freshly grated wasabi from Shizuoka
-Aori Ika/Cuttlefish variety. Body and “ears”/fins
-Shiso/perilla flowers
-Uni/sea urchin on a small shiso/perilla leaf
(From right to left, top row)
-Madai/”true Snapper”. It was caught in Sagara (Shizuoka Pref.)
-Sliced balck daikon
-Hirame/sole caught off Miho, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City
-Akami/tuna lean part
All the chopped vegetables are local.

Culinary art at its best!

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2 thoughts on “Sashimi Set at Tomii (’09/04)”

    1. Dear Diva!
      The daikon is black only on the skin. There is also green daikon and red daikon.
      Shizuoka vegetables growers are famous all over Japan for their adventurous spirit!
      Some shops a aking big moneyout of it in Tolkyo, but it’e “bloody” cheap here in Shizuoka! LOL
      As for sashimi, Shizuoka is not far from heaven… Lucky I’m agbostic!


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