Vegan and Vegetarian Sushi (renewed)

(from top to bottom and left to right: Konnyaku/Devil’s Tongue Tuber, Celery marinated in Amazu/sweet vinegar and pickled Japanese plums, Shiro negi/White leek, Na no Hana/Rape Blossoms, Gobo/Burdock roots, Satsuma Imo/Sweet yams, Daikon/Long Japanese radish)

Whenever I can convince there is Japanese food fit for Vegans and Vegetarians (I’m neither!), I make a point of posting articles that might help friends with different culinary priorities!
I have recently received more requests about recipes and examples.
Therefore I decided to re-post a former article with the addition of more discoveries!

There is vegan and vegetarian sushi in Japan and elsewhere!
As a proof have a good look at the picture and explanations above. The pic was taken at Iroha Sushi, a small but extremely renown sushi restaurant in Iwata City, an area celebrated for its vegetables!

Kyoto is a renown place for Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi!
From right to left, top to bottom:, Yuuba (tofu sheets), Takenoko (Bamboo shoots), Myoga (myoga ginger), Zenmai (Spring vegetable variety), Ki no mi (Spring vegetables), Awafu (grilled tofu sheets), Kamo Nasu (kamo egg-plant), Hakusai Maki (Chinese cabbage).
Print a copy of this pic, show it to your local Sushi Restaurant and challenge him/her into preparing your favorite tidbits!

From bottom to top: Takenoko (boiled bamboo shoots topped with a sprig of sansho/Japanese pepper plant)), Kabu Tsukemono (pickled turnip), Sugiku no Ha Maki (sugiku Chrysanthemum leaves)
And what about these? Not only tasty but fulfilling!

“Kanpyou maki”/dry gourd shavings: here is one that any sushi restaurant will serve you!

That small one is my personal favourite: “menegi”/thin leeks sprouts!

Vegan/vegetarian Te-maki: natto, shiso, ume/Japanese pickled plum.
(Sushi Ko in Shizuoka City!)

Another Vegan/vegetarian Kanpyo-maki/dry gourd shavings roll for second dessert!


Menegi/leek sprouts, Soba no Shinme/buckwheat sprouts, Mitsuba, avocado, Takuan/pickled daiko and shiso nd cucumber gunkan, mizuna gunkan.
(Sushi Ko in Shizuoka City!)


And how about Soba Sushi maki?

I’ll still keep looking!

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10 thoughts on “Vegan and Vegetarian Sushi (renewed)”

  1. Robert, thanks a bunch. Do you have a webpage or a map of where Oratche is? Did you blog about it? I’m getting a plan together today! Thanks for your advice!!!


  2. Those all look great!! Many people don’t believe me when I say I like sushi even though I’m vegetarian – as though vegetarian sushi doesn’t count. I would LOVE to be served that plate of sushi in the second picture!!! Well — sushi from any of the pictures!


    1. Dear Jackie!
      Vegetarian sushi is plainly common in Kyoto and big cities with large Budhist Temples.
      Vegetarian Sushi is easy to obtain in Shizuoka as this is a prime vegetables-producing area in Japan!


  3. Robert–looks great as always! I’ve got a question for you….The lady and I are thinking of taking a trip to Izu around the Golden week holiday and are looking for some good ji-beer spots, sushi, and maybe a place to camp? What do you recommend? I know we will be going to Baird’s Taproom in Numazu, and Hansharo Beer, maybe Fujisakura…..but are there any others in the area you recommend? Also, where can we get some great sushi???!!!!! Thanks!!


    1. How dee, mate?
      First as far as beer is concerned, you had better my page, but Oratche in Kannami is a good bet!.
      As for sushi, Numazu is best, but it’s not really Izu! The places are Sushi Bun and Futaba Sushi (very near Taproom!).
      As for places to camp, I know little about that, but you should be able to find that on the internet.
      I’ll seee what I can fond!


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