French Dessert: Tarte au Cafe/Coffee Tart


Here is a simple but elegant cake recipe I found in my notes to please everyone in the family!
Tarte au Cafe/Coffee Tart!

INGREDIENTS: For 6 persons
Flour: 250g + 20 g for the mold.
Butter: 125 g ; a little
Sugar: 3 large tablespoons
Egg: 1
Milk: 3 large tablespoons
Instant coffee: 1 small teaspoon
Salt: a pinch

-Coffee pudding:
Mascarpone: 250 g
Eggs: 4
Sugar: 180 g
Liquid coffee extract/essence: 4 small teaspoons
Powdered hazlenuts: 20 g
Ice sugar: 20 g

Ice sugar: 1 large tablespoon
Coffee beans: 4

-Preheat oven to 7 (210 degrees Celsius). Butter and flour the tart mold.

-Prepare the tart pastry:
Mix flour and butter with the tips of your fingers. Add salt, sugar and egg, milk and instant coffee. Make a bowl. Spread it and insert inside tart mold. Stab the pastry with a fork at regular spaces.
Put the pastry and mold inside freezer for 10 minutes.

-Whisk mascarpone and suar inside a bowl. Add and mix the eggs one by one and last coffee extract.

-Cook the pastry inside oven for 10 minutes. Sprinkle with ice sugar and hazlenut powder. Slowly pour the pudding mixture inside the tart pastry.
ower the oven heat to 6 (180 degrees Celsius) and cook for 50 minutes.
If the color over the surface of the tart colours up too quickly, lower heat to 5 (150 degrees Celsius) and bake a little longer.

-Leat tart cool off before taking it out of its mold. Sprinkle it ice sugar and finely broken coffee beans.

-Serve lukewarm or cold.

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13 thoughts on “French Dessert: Tarte au Cafe/Coffee Tart”

  1. Dear Robert,
    You hve been giving us so many yummy recipes…I am growing broader :p thanks for such great recipe. Will kiv this.



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