Vegan Tofu Carpaccio


I’ve been in tofu recipe search mode for quite a while, and I finally found one to please my vegan friends who can’t boast a carpaccio of their own!
It is ridiculously easy, but it makes for great impression!
Choose the best ingredients!

Vegan Tofu Carpaccio!


-Tofu (kinu tofu/silk tofu): as much as you like?
-Salt (Guerande for example): to taste
-Black pepper (freshly ground only, please!): to taste
-Lemon juice (organic lemon, please!): to taste
-Olive oil (EVO): to taste
-Pink pepper/baies roses: to taste

As you can see, it is basically up to you!

Look for some great organic green leaf vegetables to make a “bed” for the tofu.


-Wrap tofu inside a large piece of kitchen paper.
Put the wrapped tofu inside a tupperware box (no lid, please) and top the tofu with a light weight.
Leave overnight (a full day, if you can) inside the refrigerator.

-Take out the tofu (discard the water).
-Cut it slices and plave it on a bed of leaf vegetables.
-Sprinkle in that order with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil.
-Srop a few pink pepper grains for decoration and taste.

Simple, ain’t it?

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