Avocado’s hard! No worries! Deep-fry it!

Coming back to a comment and question about what to do with an avocado you peeled away before realizing it was to hard to prepare for your California Roll, Avocado Soup or Avocado Salad, there is no need to worry.

No worries! as they say in Australia!

The same Australians might be tempted to tease you with a few jokes of their own.
A habit they have is to scream “good nut!” when one of their bowler throws an excellent ball to a befuddled batsman during a cricket match.
The same “nut” could be rightfully construed to another word meaning exactly the same when our yankee friends play “hard ball” at Baseball!

I can hear some of good-natured friends saying that once again the old geezeer is laying on it heavily, but have you heard of the real meaning of the word “avocado” in its country of origin?
About time I stop, or some unwanted spammer will find his/her/its way in!

Alright, you found out your avocado is too hard.
Just peel it completely.
Cut it into appropriate “wedges”.
Sprinkle them with a little salt and deep-fry them as they are for 2 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Serve them with a good beer.
You’ll find they are crispy outside and so sogt inside!
You could sprinkle them with a little lemon juice or some chili powder for more taste.
Plenty of possibilities here. Great snacks for our vegan friends!

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16 thoughts on “Avocado’s hard! No worries! Deep-fry it!”

  1. Dear Robert,
    Great tips…over here the avocados sold in the supermart are either too soft or hard and tasteless. Great idea to deep fried them 🙂 Thanks for sharing another wonderful way to deal with unripe avocados.



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