Vegan Sushi Suggestions 3: Veggie Sushi Tray, Box & Plate Presentations

Veggie Sushi Box for bento/Lunch box!


I already have introduced Vegan and Vegetarian Sushi, but following further requests and questions by my vegan (I’m not!) friends, I decided to contribute a small series of postings to give them more detailed suggestions and ideas!

Now, please check sushi rice recipe HERE to make things more practical!


This particular posting is designed to help you with designing Veggetables sushi tray, box or plate presentations!

Asaparaguses, Kabocha and Okra Sushi Nigiri.

Mushroom, maountai Vegetable, Myoga Ginger, Bamboo Shoots, and Leek sprouts Sushi nigiri.

White leek, Sprouts and yam,fresh or seared (repeated) Sushi Gunkan.

White asparaguses, myoga ginger, corn (gunkan) and tomato sushi nigiri.

Sorry, the pic is small, but the tray isquite sophisiticated:

Top: tomato. Second row (from top down): Rice ball wrapped in shiso/perilla leaf, pickled aubergines and myoga ginger. Third row: Tomato and kawaire daikon sprouts. Fourth row: Rice ball wrapped in shiso/perilla leaf, pickled aubergines and myoga ginger. Fifth row: bamboo shoots.

Here the rice is white and violet rices mixed.
Shhitake mushroom, broccoli, pickled yam and fuki.

Small pic again, sorry.
Goya, daikon pickled in sweet vinegar, okra, bamboo shoots and chopped mountain vegetables.

Pickled aubergine, Okra, Myoga Ginger, Plain rice, Burdock root and pickled aubergine.

Ice plant, Avocado and radish, Leek shoots, Myoga Ginger and Shiitake Mushroom.

Leaf sprouts, pickled aubergine, yam and red sweet pimento cubes, green aspargus tips and seared eringe mushroom.

From top:
Ippon Shimeji mushroom (grilled), Myoga Ginger, Pickled celery, Tomato gunkan with cucumber instead of seaweed/nori and Leek sprouts.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture:
From top: orange and its peel marinated in sweet vinegar, Tomato, Onion marinated in sweet vinegar, Kawaire daikon sprouts (lightly boiled), Tomato and okra gunkan and pickled cucumber.

From left: green leaves gunkan, Chinese cabbage (boiled and topped with grated ginger), red seet pimento (lightly grilled), Na no han/rape blossoms (boiled), Bambooo shoot (boiled), and trefoil (lightly boiled).

Okra, celery, myoga ginger and three different pimento.

Green pimento (lightly grilled), na no hana/rape blossom (boiled) and pickled aubergine.

From bootom upwards:
Leek sprouts, bamboo shoots, Myoga ginger and na no hana/rape blossoms!

Still looking around and ordering!

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10 thoughts on “Vegan Sushi Suggestions 3: Veggie Sushi Tray, Box & Plate Presentations”

  1. Beautiful and so much work involved. I have just started with dunburi bowls so all the above and more to enjoy making and eating. Thank you so much for taking the time to research, make and take pictures for us vegans x


  2. What beautiful presentation!
    My 7 year old son and I are very much beginners with sushi, we have so much to look forward to!


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