Vegan Treats at Yasaitei

Once I explained the notion of “Jooren” or “regular customer” in Japan.
Whereas in many other countries patronizing the same establishment on a regular basis might be considered at best as an ostentatious show, and a disreputable habit at worst, eating and drinking out in Japan is a sine qua non prerequisite to a successful life, both professional and social. Therefore it always is a good idea to ptronize a few etablishments even if it is for a quick drink or snack.
It also makes conversation so much easier and the visits more welcome as it provides a pleasant break from the usual coded life of the Japanese.

good Japanese chefs will always tackle the challenge to satisfy culinary priorities, including vegetarianism and veganism. After all, most omnivores’ food is over 80% vegetarian. Don’t be afraid to ask for precise explanations of your food!

This “o-toshi”/snack served with first drink consists of komatsuna/Japanese Mustard Spinach, enoki mushrooms, mitsuba/trefoil and nameko mushrooms prepared in o-hitashi style/slightly boiled and cooled down before being served in their own juices.

As for drinks, do not worry as Japanese sake and shochu are vegan.
This particular shochu is a bit extravagant. It was distilled by Takashima Brewery in Numazu City, Shizuoka, from the white lees of supelative sake before being matured for a couple of years in sherry barrels imported from Sapin!
Tastes like a soft flowery whisky!

vegerables are plentuful in Japan, and especially in Shizuoka.
They make for beautiful presentation with a minimum of care and improvisation.
Back home, first choose a nice tray to present to your friend or family!
The concept is almost like a flower arrangement!

The best “sauce” for such a vegan sashimi is a mixture (according to your preferences) of sesame oil, sea salt and dark miso!

Wherever you are, I’m sure you will find plenty of vegetables to work with:
In our case,we have form the left: Myoga ginger sprouts, Ice plant, Ameera/very sweet tomato and young ginger roots. It is the season for the laterr and they are so tender that they make a very tasty, crucnhy, raw treat!

Daikon (choose the upper part, as the pointed end is a bit too strong!) on a leaf of shiso/perilla and thinly sliced Spring onions from Shizuoka, radish, kiirokyo ninjin/Yellow Kyoto carrot and those crunchy Japanese cucumbers!

A “side view” to help you understand the presentation!

And another one from the other end!

I sincerely hope this will have given you a few ideas!

Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwa-Cho, 1-6-2 Green Heights Wamon 1-C
Tel.: 054-2543277
Business hours: 17:30~22:00
Closed on Sundays
Reservations highly recommended
Seating: 6 at counter + 20 at tables
Set Courses: 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 yen
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

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