Gastronomic Destinations: Okinawa/Kume Island Part 3

Another picture of our favourite beach from the bridge!

On the “third” and last day of our stay we decided to both combine exercise and relaxation.
We walked all the way from the hotel and over the same bridge again as a very slow pace, taking in everything in for the last time.

We finally arrived at the tatami/straw mat beach and and checked with the small restaurat we were supposed to have lunch at. As it was still full we decided to go to the beach a last time.

We found our dear lady still harvestingmore aosa/green laver seaweed. We just had the time to greet her again and have a very pleasant if short chat before a horde of tourists came rushing!

Another picture of the beach still at low tide. It would be completely submerged later in the afternoon.

We went back to the small restaurant where we served another typical local lunch!

Featuring those great Okinawa “kuruma ebi”/large prawns in deep-fried manner!

We had a little walk in the neighbouring park before going to our main destination of the day: Bade Haus.
Bade Haus means Bath House in German.
Check their Homepage (Japanese, but have a look still!).
The seaweed-harvesting lady told us that quite a few locals were patronizing the place everyday.

I was not supposed to take this picture! LOL
The establishment features outdoor hot tub, a steam sauna, a bath pool, a rest and drink/food zone, a spa sauna and a massage room!
We spent such a long time in the outdoor hot tub filled with jacuzzi right in front of the sea! All water used is deep-sea water taken off that very coast!

We had spent at least two hours in the baths getting rid of the fatigue accumulated the previous day and started to get hungry again.
The establishment has a nice rest room equipped with a counter serving food.
At long last we could taste the Kumeshima Soba that the Missus had wanted so much. Actually “soab” in Okinawa is not “buckwheat noodles” but “wheat flour noodles”!
They were served with pieces of local kamaboko/fish paste and rafute/Okinawan char siu!

I’m not supposed to show that picture, either! LOL

The Missus is going to kill me for showing those “private” pictures! She said I looked like an idiot and she is probably right!

The dessert I chose was shaved ice with Kumeshima Brown sugar syrup over a bed of sweet red azuki beans. The dessert was totally vegan (I’m not, sorry!) and so tasty!

Another picture of the old idiot geezer!

Another picture of the beach as the tide was rising.

My last picture of the sea and beach under the setting sun.
We departed back to the hotel and airport…

Here is a selection of pics taken with the Missus’ camera as mine were all taken with my mobile phone:

That great sashimi plate we had at Nantoshokurakuen!

The sea from that long bridge!

The tatami./straw mat beach!

The sea turtle at the sea turtle museum/aquarium!

And another picture of the beach to say good-bye to Kume Island!

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