Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Persimmon Salad

Persimmons are still found anywhere in Japan and more and more abroad. Sweet they might be but they do provide a great taste when combined in salads with supposedly sour ingredients.

Here is a simple appetizer/salad recipe that should tempt everyone!

Persimmon salad!

INGREDIENTS: For 5~6 people

-Daikon: 170 g
-Carrot (choose a red Kyoto carrot if available: 40 g
-Cucumber: 120 g
-Squat sun-dried persimmon: 1~2
-Water: 3 cups/600 ml/cc
-Salt: 1 tablespoon (for salted water)
-Japanese sake: 5 tablespoons
-Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
-Light soy sauce: 1~2 teaspoons
-Rice vinegar: 2~3 teaspoons


-Cut the daikon into 3 cm long matchsticks and then chop finely. Let rest in water and salt for a while.

-Cut the cucumber into 3 cm long sticks and chop finely. Drop them into the slated water containing the daikon.

-Cut the persimmon into sticks a bit thicker than the above.

-Pour the seasoning ingredients into a separate bowl and mix well.

-Take daikon and cucumber out of water. Drain well. Drop them with the persimmon sticks into the sauce.

-Mix and serve as shown in above picture.

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