Yakitori Recipes: Sasami 1

My friend Island Vittles has decided to start a series on that worldwide known Japanese specialty that is “Yakitori/焼き鳥/”Grilled Chicken”.
I hope that this series of postings on various basic recipes will help her and all other foodies interested in that simple, healthy and so delicious delicacy!

“Sasami/ささ身 or 笹身” may be roughly translated as “white light chicken meat”. It is found in the breast (see picture above) and is considered the most tender part of the chicken.

“Sasami” as sold in Japanese supermarkets.

SASAMI RECIPES 1: Soft sasami on skewers

INGREDIENTS: For 10 sticks

-Chicken Sasami: 400 g (or 10 sasami)
-Skewers: 10
-Japanese sake: as appropriate
-Chicken soup stock (powder): 1/2 tablespoon (best is Chinese chicken bones soup stock powder)
-Sesame oil: as appropriate


-Cut each sasami into 4~6 pieces for each skewer.
Drop all the cut chicken in a bowl and add just enough sake for seasoning/marinating. Add chicken soup stock powder and mix well by hand.
Let marinate for 30 minutes.

Drain chicken (throw away the “juices) with a sieve or “Zaru” (Japanese bamboo sieve). Transfer into clean bowl and add enough sesame oil to season the whole. Stir with hand for even seasoning.

-Skewer the sasami pieces.

-Grill both sides.
Don’t overgrill. No “black spots” should appear.

Best served with real wasabi.
You may of course serve them with a little salt, or pepper or whatever you fancy.
Have lettuce handy for a great and simple combination.
For foodies of all ages!

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