Vegan Chinese Cuisine: Spring Rolls

Chinese (and Japanese) Cuisine can easily be adapted for vegans and vegetarians and deserrves to apprecaited by all.
Vegan and vegetarians recipes are easier and probably healthier!
As for the ingredients, make sure of what the warppers are made of. They can be either made with wheat flour or rice flour. Your choice!
Choose a frying oil of your preference, too.

As for the dip, I leave it to you, although I will check if I can find one for your prirorities!

INGREDIENTS: For 10 rolls

-Spring roll wrappers: 10


Mizuna (Japanese: 水菜 ‘water greens’), also called Xiu Cai, Kyona, Japanese Mustard, Potherb Mustard, Japanese Greens, California Peppergrass, Spider Mustard, etc., is a Japanese name used primarily for cultivated varieties of Brassica rapa nipposinica but also for Brassica juncea var. japonica.

Mizuna and Daikon Salad

In addition to the term “mizuna” (and its alternates) being applied to at least two different species of Brassica, horticulturalists have defined and named a number of varieties. For example, a resource provided by Cornell University and the United States Department of Agriculture lists sixteen varieties including “Early Mizuna”, “Kyona Mizuna”, “Komatsuna Mizuna”, “Vitamin Green Mizuna”, “Kyoto Mizuna”, “Happy Rich Mizuna”, “Summer Fest Mizuna”, “Tokyo Early Mizuna”, “Mibuna Mizuna”, “Red Komatsuna Mizuna”, “Waido Mizuna” and “Purple Mizuna”.[

-Mizuna: as appropriate
-Carrot: as appropriate
-Flour: a little
-Rice vinegar: as you like
-Chili pepper: as you like


-Cut Mizuna in 6 cm long pieces.

-Cut carrot in 6cm long thin strips.

-Place mizuna and carrot on the first third of the wrapper.

-Roll as above. To securely close it apply a little water mixed a little flour on the inside of the wrapper (only on the end!).

-Deep-fry until it has become crispy and a nice light brown.
Bear in mind that the vegetables contain water. Don’t overfry them!
As soon as they look crispy, scop out and lay on a grill or kitchen paper to take off excess oil.
Dip in rice vinegar seaoned with chili pepper (mustard is great, too).

This is only the basice recipe. One can add all kinds of vegetables. The point is that they must be cut in the same size for even cooking!

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