Egg-Plant/Aubergine Carpaccio

Aubergines or egg plants as they are called in the US are a world-popular vegetable. They originated in India, but are found everywhere.
The Japanes make a large consumption of them and try to come with new recipes.
Here is a simple recipe that blends many culinary cultures:
Aubergines/Egg-Plants Carpaccio!
Incidently, you can easily make it vegan!

INGREDIENTS: For 2 people

-Egg-plants/Aubergines: 2
-Grated fresh ginger juice: as appropriate
-Fruit tomatoes: as appropriate
-Lucolla: as appropriate
-Garlic: 1 clove
-Dressing: vinaigrette as appropriate
-Olive oil: EV as appropriate


Grill the egg-plants/aubergines directly on a grill over the fire. Turn them around until they are properly cooked.
Peel them as soon as possible.

-Place the peeled hot aubergines into a bowl with vinaigrette and ginger juice. Let cool completely. Chill inside refrigerator.

-Take out serving dishes. Cut the garlic clove in halves and brush the plate with them for plenty of taste!
If you have any left chop it finely and add it to the egg plants/aubergines.

-Take the aubergines out of the bowl (proceed one at a time). Wrap each in cellophane paper. Press it with your hand to make it flat. Take out and cut into slices to the appropriate size.

-Arrange the slices as you would do with carpaccio.

-Cocasse/cut in small squares the tomatoes. Place them with some luccola atop the egg-plants/aubergines.

-Delicately pour good quality EV olive oil all over the carpaccio.


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4 thoughts on “Egg-Plant/Aubergine Carpaccio”

  1. dear dear dragonlife~
    i just luv your webpage. presently residing in tokyo….surrounded by unbelievable foods….fav place to hoof & rail to is tsujiji…

    a fishing friend in la paz mexico emailed asking, “why don’t they make sashimi or osushi from mahi mahi/dorado/dolphinfish…??

    is it due to the spoilage or parasites?
    with warm appreciation


    1. Dear Frind!
      Greetings and thank you so much for your kind comments!
      mahi mahi is “shiira” in japanese. It is rare in japan and considered an expensive delicacy!


  2. This looks and sounds fantastic! I love eggplant and will have to try this! Just made eggplant Parmesan the other day. I figured to make a small bit, just one eggplant, but daughter and I finished it off between dinner and lunch. I had been hoping for more as it is one of those dishes that tastes great leftover to me, at room temperature.


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