Foodbuzz Friend Bloggers Roundup

April 29th being a National Hoiday in Japan, I’m taking the opportunity to check all the links to Friend Bloggers I have referred to for the past 3 years since I started blogging (websites I had started back in 1999 had unfortunately to go with the times!).
It was somewhat a gratifying surprise to discover that the greatest majority of these friends was still very active.

I do have a crowd of friends I have either discovered through Foodbuzz or who later joined the fun. It would be impossible to cite them all, but I would like to thank all and eveyone for enriching my everyday life.

The following friends are special among special and I would like to recommend them as they deserve special attention for obvious and more obscure reasons (there will be other roundups!):

Warren Bobrow: Financier turned gastronomic journalist!

5 Star Foodie: A happy Marriage of Ukrainian and American (and World!) Culinary Delights!

Bread + Butter: The foodie journalist and film director!

Jefferson’s Table: For the love of Jefferson Airplane!

Oyster Culture: A shared love! Hubby is going to kill me! LOL

Gourmet Fury Foodie Fury out of control in Vancouver!

Zoy Zhang: Amazing Zhang!

Hungry Neko: Cats can be gastronomes!

Frank Fariello: The lawyer reminiscing on his Mum’s Italian Recipes!

Mangantayon: Another Shizuoka Foodie!

Hapabento: For the love of Bento!

Elinluv Tidbit Corner: Indonesia forever!

Tokyo Terrace: One ot the Tokyo Tribe!

Maison de Christina: Taiwan forever!

Chrys Niles: Ever an enhusiast!

Lexi: Star-studded!

Culinary Musings: For the love of Hubby!

Wheeling Gourmet: Never Say Die!

Comestiblog: Beware of that one! LOL

Chronicles Of A Curious Cook: Curiousity is a quality!

Tokyo Through The Drinking Glass: One of the Tokyo Tribe!

Tokyo Foodcast: One of the Tokyo Tribe!

Palate To Pen: Wine forever!

Hilah Cooking: The Laughing Instructor!

More than a Mount Full: Would like to invite that friend to Mount Fuji!

Arkonite Bento: For the Love of bento!

Island Vittles: Being stranded on an island does not prevent one from being a great cook!

Skewer It! : For the love of yakitori!

Good Beer & Country Boys: For the love of Beer!

Rubber Slippers In Italy: Growing Shiso in Italy!

Color Food daidokoro/Osaka: One of the Osaka tribe!

The Witchy Kitchen: Always had a soft spot for witches! Check The Life Of A Dragon and you will understand why!

Citron Et Vanille: Vive la France!

Please check the new postings at:
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12 thoughts on “Foodbuzz Friend Bloggers Roundup”

  1. Love your blog and it’s definitely on my must-read list. Going to have to go through your list and add a few more subscriptions to my list I think, as you’ve got quite a few I have not yet visited! I just made some miso marinated chicken thighs that my daughter loved packing in her bento lunch the next day!


  2. Great list – I have to say, having met you and all the other wonderful food bloggers through Food Buzz has been just amazing. Your knowledge and generosity is just incredible. Thank you for being you!

    PS – Hubby is just going to have to deal =)


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