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Foodbuzz Friend Bloggers Roundup

April 29th being a National Hoiday in Japan, I’m taking the opportunity to check all the links to Friend Bloggers I have referred to for the past 3 years since I started blogging (websites I had started back in 1999 had unfortunately to go with the times!).
It was somewhat a gratifying surprise to discover that the greatest majority of these friends was still very active.

I do have a crowd of friends I have either discovered through Foodbuzz or who later joined the fun. It would be impossible to cite them all, but I would like to thank all and eveyone for enriching my everyday life.

The following friends are special among special and I would like to recommend them as they deserve special attention for obvious and more obscure reasons (there will be other roundups!):

Warren Bobrow: Financier turned gastronomic journalist!

5 Star Foodie: A happy Marriage of Ukrainian and American (and World!) Culinary Delights!

Bread + Butter: The foodie journalist and film director!

Jefferson’s Table: For the love of Jefferson Airplane!

Oyster Culture: A shared love! Hubby is going to kill me! LOL

Gourmet Fury Foodie Fury out of control in Vancouver!

Zoy Zhang: Amazing Zhang!

Hungry Neko: Cats can be gastronomes!

Frank Fariello: The lawyer reminiscing on his Mum’s Italian Recipes!

Mangantayon: Another Shizuoka Foodie!

Hapabento: For the love of Bento!

Elinluv Tidbit Corner: Indonesia forever!

Tokyo Terrace: One ot the Tokyo Tribe!

Maison de Christina: Taiwan forever!

Chrys Niles: Ever an enhusiast!

Lexi: Star-studded!

Culinary Musings: For the love of Hubby!

Wheeling Gourmet: Never Say Die!

Comestiblog: Beware of that one! LOL

Chronicles Of A Curious Cook: Curiousity is a quality!

Tokyo Through The Drinking Glass: One of the Tokyo Tribe!

Tokyo Foodcast: One of the Tokyo Tribe!

Palate To Pen: Wine forever!

Hilah Cooking: The Laughing Instructor!

More than a Mount Full: Would like to invite that friend to Mount Fuji!

Arkonite Bento: For the Love of bento!

Island Vittles: Being stranded on an island does not prevent one from being a great cook!

Skewer It! : For the love of yakitori!

Good Beer & Country Boys: For the love of Beer!

Rubber Slippers In Italy: Growing Shiso in Italy!

Color Food daidokoro/Osaka: One of the Osaka tribe!

The Witchy Kitchen: Always had a soft spot for witches! Check The Life Of A Dragon and you will understand why!

Citron Et Vanille: Vive la France!

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