Okonomiyaki with Oysters

Here is a simple recipe which should please <a href="Oyster Culture“>Lou-Ann who loves her oysters!

It will also help friends who are looking for new okonomiyaki recipes!

Okonomiyaki with Oysters!

INGREDIENTS: for 2 people?

-All-purpose flour: 2 cups/400 cc
-Water: 1/2 cup/50 cc
-Egg: 1
-Lotus root: 5 cm wide slice, peeled
-Cabbage: 2~3 leaves
-Leek: 1
-Oysters: 12 large (without the shells!)
-Salt & Pepper: as appropriate

-Sauce: of your choice: Worcester sauce, Bulldog sauce, BBQ sauce or a combination of soy sauce, Worcester sauce, bulldog sauce and mustard.

-Mayonnaise: as appropriate
-Chili pepper powder: as appropriate


-In a large bowl mix the flour, egg and water well first.

-Grate the lotus root and add to the batter and mix.

-Cut the cabbage leaves and leeks in 5cm long strips. Add to batter and mix well.

-Pour oil in a large frypan. Heat the oil, then reduce fire to small. Drop 3:5 of the batter in frypan. Add the oysters (clean and thoroughl drained) on top.

-Cover the oysters with the remaining 2/5 of batter.

-Cook for 8 minutes. Do not pres on top!

-Turn over and cook for 5 more minutes.

-If you are not satisfied with the colour, cook for a little while more on both sides.

-Slide okonmiyaki onto a serving dish. Brush with plenty of sauce. Top with mayonnaise and chili pepper powder!

Great with beer!

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6 thoughts on “Okonomiyaki with Oysters”

  1. It pleases me mightily! Thanks so much for sharing this delicious recipe, I’m only sorry I didn’t stop by sooner as I’d have the chance to make it that many more times. It looks absolutely amazing!


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