Health & Nutrition Facts in Japanese Food 11: Yama Imo/山芋

As demonstrated by many food bloggers, cooking and creating great foods and drinks have become incomplete and unsatisfying when not considering the benefits or adverse effects of the same foods and drinks regardless of their taste.
I do not intend to delve into counselling or consulting, but only to offer some knowledge about the good sides of Japanese foods and drinks. I will not extoll on its possible lacks and negative aspects. After all, the Japanese are not the longest-living people in the world for no reason!
I will also offr at least one nutritious or healthy recipe at the end of each posting.

Health & Nutrition Facts in Japanese Food 11: Yama Imo/山芋

Yam, or Yamo Imo/Yamanoimo/山芋/ヤマノイモ in Japanese are not only a great source of energy, but also of great help when it comes to digestion in general thanks to the proteins (glycosylated proteins) provided by the mucin contained in its jelly-like sap.
Moreover its high contents in Vitamin B and C, Potaasium, and dietary fibres make for a remarkably balanced source of food.
It is best assimilated by the human body in its raw form, either cut or grated.
It is of vital importance to vegans, vegetarians and wheat allergics as it can replace wheat flour and egg whites as a liaising agent in cooking!

For each 100g (edible parts) it contains:
-Energy: 65 kcal
-Water: 82.6 g
-Proteins: 2,2 g
-Carbohydrates: 13.9 g
-Natrium: 3 mg
-Potassium: 430 mg
-Calcium: 17 mg
-Phosphorous: 27 mg
-Copper: 0.10 mg
-Magnesium: 17 mg
-Vitamin B1: 0.10 mg
-Vitamin B2: 0.02 mg
-Vitamin B6: 0.09 mg
-Vitamin C: 5 mg
-Dietary (roughage) fibre: 1.0 g


-Combined with shiso/perilla leaves, or with turnip, or with Chinese Cabbage, or with green chili peppers, will promote digestion and digestive flow and appetite.

-Combined with moroheiya/nalta jute, or with okra, or with lotus root, or with namaeko mushrooms, wil help lower down blood cholesterol and increase stamina.

-Combine with soy beans, or with pomegranate, or with myoga ginger, will help with hormonal balance and blood flow.

-Combined with cabbage, or with potatoes, or with broccoli, or with Chinese Cabbage, will will help prevent cancer and aging.


Here is a recipe to help with hormonal balance and resistance to cancer and aging: yam okonomiyaki!

Yam/yam imo: 100g
Cabbage: 2~3 leaves
Pork (sliced): 50 g
Egg: 1
Flour: 100 g
Water: as appropriate
Agetama/deep-fried breadcrumbs (from tempura, etc.): according to taste
Salad oil: as appropriate

Roughly chop cabbage. If the pork is not sliced, cut it in 1.5 mm thick strips.

Peel yam and grate it into a bowl. Add flour and beaten eggand mix. Add water and mix to the batter fluidity of your preference.

Add cabbage, pork and agetama. Season with a little salt, ground pepper as you like. Mix the whole roughly.

Fry in the shape of pancakes on salad oil.
Serve with your favourite sauce!

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