Cheese Tray at Gentil (2010/07/09)

Service: Very Professional
Facilities: Perfect allaround. Beautiful washroom
Prices: ~
Strong points: Best cheese tray in Japan! Great wines

It was about grand time that I visited Gentil Restaurant in Shizuoka City again with my cheese-lover friends!.
Gentil is renown all over Japan for the best cheese trays (within reasonability in a restaurant! Naturally one could always offer a mountain of cheese at ridiculous prices!) served at a restaurant.

I made a point this time to take picture of all individual cheeses for everyone’s references!

These were the 8 cheese presently served (there are more in store at the restaurants but all are served when perfectly ripened!).
Let’s have a look at each of them!

Vieille Mimolette, Cow’s Milk, 18-month old, Northern France. Very soft and elegant in spite of its venerable age!

Blue Stilton, Cow’s Milk, England. A rare combination of softness and pungency!

Langres, Cow’s Milk, Bourgogne & Champagne, France. My home’s cheese! Do I need to comment?

Gorgonzola Dolce, Cow’s Milk, Italy. Vey soft and elegant!

Petit Plaisir, Cow’s Milk, Hokkaido, Japan. It has recently been elected as the best cheese in Japan! A discovery! Remiscent of a beautiful Saint-Marcellin!

Chevre Noir, Goat’s Milk, Canada, 2-year old. Another discovery! very soft for an old goat’s cheese!

Malvaux, Goat’s Milk, Deux-Sevres (Western Loire), France. It is covered with spices like a Corsican Maquis! So many tastes exploding on your palate!

Talegio, Cow’s Milk, Italy. Both elegant and strong!

The tray as served for 3 guests! A work of art, indeed!

Restaurant Gentil
420-0031 Shizuoka Shi, Gofuku-Cho, 2-9-1. Genan Kairaku Buiilding 2F
Tel.: 054-2547655 (Reservations advisable)
Fax: 054-2210509
Opening hours: 12:00~14:00, 18:00~last orders for meals at 21:30. Bar time 18:00~23:30. Closed on Mondays.
Credit cards OK
Homepage (Japanese)

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8 thoughts on “Cheese Tray at Gentil (2010/07/09)”

  1. Very nice to see a good variety in Japan, and even nicer to see the Japan cheese Petit Plaisir from Hokkaido. Where can I purchase that?


    1. Dear helen!
      Thank you so much for your kind comments!
      I’m afraid it’s only available in Japan, although it canbe ordered from the farm in Hokkaido!
      I can check for you if you wish!


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