Marshmallow Tiramisu

I seem to have entered a “Tiramisu Mode” as this is my third (and I have more!) recipe in less than a week!
I might have found myself under the curse of a sweet tooth fairy!
Marshmallows are popular everywhere, even in Japan, so I thought a little “American note” was in order this time! LOL
This particular recipe has not only the merit to be yummy and fit for all ages, but is also so simple and adaptable!

Marshmallow Tiramisu!


-Cream cheese: 200 g
-Milk: 100 ml/1/2 cup
-Marshmallow: 100 g
-Sugar: 100 g
-Cookies/Biscuits/Sable: 1 “box” or whatever is appropriate
-Instant coffee powder: 2 tablespoons
-Water: 100 ml/1/2 cup
-Cocoa powder: as appropriate


-Get all your ingredients ready! Leave them outside long enough to reach room temperature (relative in summer. Say that 25 degrees Celsius is fine!). Above ingredients are shown as found in Japan. We also use Philadelphia cream cheese. As for the biscuits and marshmallows use whatever you fancy!

-Mix the coffee powder and water to obtain a strong coffee.

-Drop the cream cheese into a large bowl. Heat it for about 30 seconds in a microwave oven to soften it. Add sugar and mix well.

-In a separate bowl drop the marshmallow with 2 tablespoons of the milk. Leave in microwave oven for 30~50 seconds to melt the marshmallow. Mix well.

-Add the rest of the milk to the melted marshmallows and mix well.

-Add the cream cheese to the marshmallow mixture and mix well.

-Line the bottom a large glass terrine mold with one layer of biscuits. Brush enough coffee onto biscuits for them to absorb it. Cover with a layer of marshmallow/cream cheese layer of same thickness. Repeat the same process three more times or until you run out of ingredients!

-Smoothen the surface with a spatula and leave inside the fridge for at least 3 hours (overnight is best!). Sieve cocoa powder over it before serving (not before or the coca powder will sink in the cake!).

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8 thoughts on “Marshmallow Tiramisu”

  1. my roommate hates whenever marshmallows are used as an ingredient, particularly in chocolate mousse- I think this tiramisu is going to turn her around.


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