Shizuoka Oden Fair 2011!

Yamako’s miso oden!

The Shizuoka (Shizooka in local dialect) Oden fair 2011 has finally come to us.
It has become a yearly event reported by all TV’s (local and more and more national), newspapers and various media. Actually reporting on such an event turns into a major TV crew dodging exercise!

Unfortunately today was cold and rainy, but it separated the true officionados from the casual visitors!
Sunday promises for clear skies and it will a real tussle!

When it comes to oden, I do have my preferences, some of them very subjective due to the fact I have some friends in the business such as Yamako/山幸 in Mariko, Shizuoka City!

The Kondohs are being helped by their friends working at Yamanashi Clinic in Shizuoka City!

They offered one of the most complete assortment with oden, bento rice, tororojiru, soup and what else.

My favourite: Yamako’s miso oden!

Having fun!

The whole event is worth a whole tour and a second one and a benediction for photographers who want to discover real Japanese life!

But there are also a lot of foreign residents in Japan with their own version of oden!
The above stall was selling Korean oden!
They were certainly very loud about it! LOL

Korean oden. Very large!

The stand of the Shizuoka Oden Lovers Association!

They had the merit to serve great Shizuoka sake!

My other favourite stand by Annam, the best Vietnamese restaurant in the whole Prefecture!

Very welcoming ladies!
Actually they were very professional and devoted to their customer who flocked at their stand!

Vietnamese oden!

The oden dish of the day:
Vietnamese oden served with noodles in Pho Soup!

Alright I’ll go there again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for further investigation!

The event is held in two different locales until the 13th:
-Aoba Park/青葉公園・青葉シンボルロード and Aoba Square:青葉スクエア
Time: 11:00~20:00

-Shichiken-cho Doori/七間町通り and Gofujuku-cho Doori/呉服町通り
Time: 11:00~17:00

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4 thoughts on “Shizuoka Oden Fair 2011!”

  1. Thanks Robert-Gilles for sending me this link – otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this Shizuoka Oden festival. How fun! I really miss Japanese style festival…all the delicious food that I grew up with (not the American hot dog and etc)…so nice!! Sounds like it’s a fun festival and I hope you will enjoy this year’s festival for me too! 🙂


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