Shizuoka Food Fair 3

Chef Tooru Okuda/奥田透 (right), the celebrated 3-Star Chef from Shizuoka, who kindly attended the fair.

As I said in my first installments, Shizuoka Prefecture has put some efforts into advertizing their own goods, as for agriculture and crafts, for some time, and a fairly big Food Fair (しずおか食の彩典) was organized on the 19th and 20th of February at Twin Messe in Shizuoka City.

This is the third part of my report, so please follow me!

The Shizuoka prefecture had taken a full wing to advertise and offer samples of its green tea!

Totoya Shinheie.

They offer high-quality processed and semi-processed fish you can enjoy as it is or re-cooked. A typical product of Shizuoka Prefecture!

Kakusa, a venerable company from Yui, selling sakura shrimp products at Yui Sakura Ebi Kan/Yui Sakura Shrimps Hall!

Steamed Sakura Shrimp rice!

Suzuyo Group, a big company which owns the FDA Airlines!

They specialize in processed sauces and soups!

Yakunen No Ki, a confectionery company.

Their specialty: Rolled Kuchen with Shizuoka Matcha Tea!

Shizuoka Tea & Sweets Marche. Look at that pyramid!

The sign says: “Please don’t touch!”. Very tempting, though…

47 CLUB. Now, what do hey have on offer?

A gifts company, they offer quite a lot, from rusks to gyoza!

Central Shizuoka Yakult Sales.

Famous company, but this is less than minimum service (no staff!)!

Shizuoka Daily Newspaper Books Stand.

Specialised in Shizuoka gastronomy and tourism!

Teraoka Kayoshi Shoten from Yaizu City. They specialise in Tsukudani!

Tsukudani is simmered tuna, another Shizuoka specialty!

Fujita marine Products.

Very appetizing dried and semi-processed seafood from Shizuoka, famous all over Japan!

Uragiku Honten, a traditional food company.

Tasty-looking miso paste and ra-yu hot sauce!

Fumiya from Hamamatsu City!

Gyoza, a product of Hamamatsu celebrated on TV!

To be continued soon (hopefully still in the proper sequence! LOL)


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