Dessert Plates at Rouge & Piquant

Service: Friendly, attentive and without any fuss
Facilities: Great tidiness, beautiful washroom
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: Very natural taste cakes, great artistic food design, late hours
Entirely non-smoking!

It’s been some time since I visited Rouge & Piquant which has become an institution of its own in Shizuoka City!
Last Friday I finally found a good reason to sample its supreme desserts after a great dinner at an Italian restaurant. We had decided to skip the dessert there for an extravagant finish to the evening!

Rouge Et Piquant is definitely an off-the-beaten-tracks cafe/cake shop.
The opening hours (14:00~24:00) are surely not the norm in Japan. Ms. Kanae Tsunogai’s confectionery concept shows some courage and determination in a very stereotyped country in spite of all its great creators. The accent is not on the sweetness, but on the true taste of the ingredients. So do not expect mountains of sugar or sweeteners. Her cakes are definitely for an adult audience in all the senses of the expression!

Cakes do not lay for an eternity inside a glass display, but their ingredients are assembled on order at the last second before being served. This is slow food cakes and desserts at their best!

Cakes are served individually or in dessert combination plates.
I opted for the “Rouge/Red” dessert consisting of two cakes:

A small red fruit tart with cassis, redcurrant, raspberry, blueberries, strawberry and apple slices mounted on a soft Chantilly Cream!

Raspberry, orange, pear, cassis sorbet balls, orange wedges and meringue artistically arranged on a sablé biscuit!
The sauce is raspberry coulis.

My friend opted for the “Chocolat/Chocolate” plate which consisted of:

Chocolate and banana cake with slices of chocolate génoise intersped with chocolate mousse and banana, the whole topped with Chantilly Cream and chocolate flakes!

And a sablé biscuit cup filled with (naturally!) home-made vanilla and caramel ice cream decorated with almonds and a chocolate ribbon.
The sauce is chocolate cream.

Need I comment any further?

Rouge Et Piquant
420-0032 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Ryogae-Cho, 2-4-29, Aspis Bldg. 2F
Tel.: 054-221-4538
Business Hours: 14:00~2:00
Closed on Mondays
Sits 2~3 at the counter and 8~10 at tables

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4 thoughts on “Dessert Plates at Rouge & Piquant”

  1. Thanks very much showing this astonishing place. With total craziness going on now, it is especially comforting to hear of such places, and I plan to visit them later this year. Of course: No Smoking is a huge plus on top of every other fine qualification. It’s great to hear of local people opting for the best standards. Love it.


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