Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Suruga Komachi

On my way to Fujinomiya City yesterday, I took the opportunity to buy an “Ekiben/駅弁 or roughly translated a “Railway Station Bento” as I had little time to eat properly at home or at a restaurant!

Shizuoka Prefecture is a gold mine when it comes to Ekiben due to the larger than usual number of stations (I mean railway, not underground/subway as in Tokyo!). They are worth discovering as they are using mostly local ingredients.
The bentos available at Shizuoka Station are mainly prepared by Tokaiken Co.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture!
This ekiben is brand new as it was first put on sale yesterday, April 1st!
It is called “Suruga Komachi/駿河小町”. Suruga is thename of the vast bay off Shizuoka City.
It is limited to only 20 a day!

Contents, limit date, price and so on are always clearly indicated!

As you lift the lid you find that the food inside is protected with an extra piece of hard translucent paper!

Now, what did it contain?

From top. left to right
Tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette, sauteed salmon, a slice of yuzu/lime, kuro hanpen/dark sardine paste/isobe age/kind of tenpura, boiled shrimp, egg plant, pickled lotus root and wasabina ohitashi/pickled wasabina.

From bottom up:
Burdock root/gobo, Boiled string bean, boiled carrot, boiled taro/sato imo, flower-shaped tofu, tofu cake and boiled kabocha.

Plain boiled rice with umeboshi furikake.

And a small sachet of Shizuoka salt and wasabi powder for extra seasoning!

Will see you again on my next trip!

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