Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Shizuoka Tokusei Okonomi

It seems I still have to round up quite a few more ekiben at Shizuoka (City) JR Station before I can move to another station! LOL

This particular regular bento is called Shizuoka Tokusei Okonomi/静岡特製お好み, meaning that it is a specilally made bento with the rice coming with a different topping according to season.

A plain “obento/おべんと” is written on the box but the slightly retro designs are inviting!

Tokaiken Co. as usual describes the contents in detail!

Now, what do we have here?
Notice that the rice is protected by a sheet of paper.

Endou mame gohan/エンドウ豆ご飯, steamed rice and green peas.

Bottom left: pickled daikon
Bottom center: Grilled mackerel
Bottom right: Nimono/steamed vegetables: carrot, taro, shiitake, string bean and yuuba hiroisu/tofu cake.

Middle left: Ingen goma shirae/boiled string beans with sesame dressing
Middle center: Shrimps tempura with a small bottle of soy sauce

Top left: Niwatori Karaage/deep-fried chicken (Japanese style)
Top center: Daifuku/Japanese wagashi/cakes made with rice flour and sweetmeats.
Top right: Shrimps and coleslaw salad

Great balance again and reasonably-priced!

To be continued…

With a Glass,
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