Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Haru Chisen

About this time of the year Tokaiken Co. offers a seasonal ekiben at Shizuoka JR Station called “Haru Chisen/春千扇”, or “The Thousand Fans of Spring to celebrate the most important season in Japan! It is slightly more expensive (1,000 yen), but it is certainly worth it!

The box is the color of cherry blossoms, the symbol of Spring!

The contents are clearly indicated as usual!

As you lift the cover you will find another film of transparent paper protecting the food inside.

Now, what do we have?

Sansai maze gohan: Rice steamed together with wild mountain vegetables. Another indication that we are in Spring!

Shiozuke sakura no hana: edible cherry blossom preserved in salt!

Let’s have a look at the section on the left… beautiful colors!

Flower-shaped daikon pickled in sweet vinegar on na no hana/rapeseed flowers and umeboshi-pickled daikon.

Tara no me/a Japanese wild mountain vegetable.
Tofu edamame fuwafuwa: deep-fried tofu cake containing edamame and other vegetables.
Tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette.

Now, let’s turn to the right section: More colors!

Nimono/simmered vegetables: Carrot, taro, shiitake mushroom, green peas in their pod, bamboo shoot and cherry-blossom-shaped jelly.

Now for the “main dish”: pork shuumai/dim sung, sawara/young Spanish mackerel (from the Suruga Bay) and deep-fried chikuwa/fish paste roll stuffed with umeboshi paste.

By now you should know the color of Spring in Japan!

To be continued…

With a Glass,
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4 thoughts on “Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Haru Chisen”

  1. What a pity. They actually look as if they were made either of wood or of hard plastic (and possible to recycle, like metal cookies boxes etc.). 90???? Very impressing.


  2. Apart from the beautiful contents it seems that most ekiben boxes are beautiful themselves. My question may sound silly, but what do people usually do with the boxes once they have finished their meal? I am sure I would collect them (unless I had the same looking box every day of course…).


    1. Well, actually these boxes are made of very light disposable material. People just throw them but many take pictures.
      On the hand I wonder if it would be really hygienic to keep them!LOL
      They certainly make for a good photo collection. In Shizuoka Prefecture alone there are more than 90!
      Best reagards,


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