Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Tokusei Tai Meshi

Red Seabream or tai/鯛 is considered a lucky fish in Japan and is served for all kinds of celebrations.
The fish itself can come quite expensive, especially when caught in deep water.
In Shizuoka we have both the wild and human-raised varieties and is not that expensive, except when served as himono/dried fish/干物!

We were busy today moving into another appartmenet downtown and we just did not have the time to cook lunch.
I just went to Shizuoka JR Station, 15 minutes away by bicycle and bought 8 of the above (six for the removal staff and two for us)!

Tokaiken Co. sells two versions, one normal and the other called “Tokusei Tai Meshi”/Special Red Seabream Rice.
I bought the latter as this was a special occasion!

Precise explanations of the contents as usual!

The design is quite retro and ancient. too. The picture comes from a real painting/litograph/wood plate of old!

Now, what do we have here?

A piece of simmered red seabream with its soft edible skin atop the rice.
The rice is covered with finely flaked red seabream flesh which had been lightly sweetened beforehand.

The rice again is a mazegihan type/steamed rice mixed with the juices of the simmered red seabream.
Very tasty indeed and no “fishy” background!

As for the side dish, once again: nimono/simmered items/煮物, carrot, lotus root, fuki/giant butterbur stems, burdock root, tofu cake, konnyaku/elephant foot tuber.

The Japanese would never have their ekiben or bento without some pickles!
In this case daikon in umeboshi juice and cucumber!

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Tokusei Tai Meshi”

  1. One more beautiful package… I have never tasted this fish. Looks a bit like a fish I sometimes see in my shop. Will have to check the French name.


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