Chinese Cuisine: Hana Oto

Service: Very friendly and attentive
Equipment: Great general cleanliness. Beautiful toilets
Prices: reasonable
Strong points: Great use of local ingredients in beautiful Chinese Cuisine. Great sake and shochu!

Whatever the nationality or the genre of the gastronomy, a good chef makes an exclusively use of ingredients not only superlative but whenever possible local! Only then the skills make the difference between a good and a great chef!

The entrance to Hana Oto/華音 is simple and unassuming, always a good sign!

Chef Yuusuke Toozaki/登崎雄介 had recently to move to a larger establishment to be able to welcome all his guests!
It is always a good idea to reserve a seat either at the counter or on the tatami floor!

The man himself (frightening smile!)

First of all he caters for all tastes as far as drinks come!

A shochu paradise!

You may as well as consult him before choosing a shochu if that is what you want!
Of course beer and wine are available!

Nice tokkuri!

As for the Japanese sake, there is plenty to choose from, too!
At least three great sake from Shizuoka Prefecture are catered!

Now Hana Oto is one of the rare restaurants serving Amagi Shamo, arguably the best chicken in the Prefecture and probably Japan!

This chicken is, among others, fed with wasabi leaves and soy milk from Izu Peninsula!

Served with freshly grated Shizuoka wasabi (and maybe a little soy sauce), a rare delicacy!

On that night I had beautiful sake brewed by Eikun (Yui) and Sugii (Fujieda) breweries!

Jukusei Tomato to Tamago Pirikara Itame/熟成とまとト卵ピリ辛炒め/Stir-fried hot ripe tomatoes and eggs!

Toozaki san makes an extensive use of the best quality vegetables of the Prefecture!
These ripe tomatoes were grown at Suzuki Tomato Garden in Shizuoka City!

A fulfilling and healthy dish with a great balance!

Unctuous eggs fried to perfection!

Nasu no Shyouga Shoyu Itame/茄子の生姜醤油炒め/Stir-ried eggplants in ginger and soy sauce!

These eggplants were grown organically in a family garden in Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City, proving a great search for the best ingredients!

Matsuki Farm Romeenu Retasu to Hikiniku no Pirikara Itame/松木ファームロメーンレタストひき肉のピリ辛炒め/Hot stir-fried Matsuki Farm Romaine Lettuce and minced meat!

The Romaine lettuce was organically grown at Matsuki Farm in Fujinomiya City!

Well, you can be assured this is only the start of a long relationship considering the untried dishes and the changes with seasons!
Keep tuned! LOL

420-0032 Shizuoka Shi, Aoi Ku, Ryougae Cho, 5-8, Shin Kamogawa Bldg., 2F-D
Business hours: 17:30~24:00
Closed on Mondays

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Cuisine: Hana Oto”

  1. The shochu paradise… this is the place I’ll visit if I go to Shizuoka!
    This is the first time I see the rare chicken so close and so well… It still mesmerises me…


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