Sushi Restaurant: Sushi Ko in Shizuoka City (June 2011)

Umazura tsukuri/ウマズラ造り/Filefish sashimi plate!

Sushi Ko in Aoba Park Street in Shizuoka City is the sushi bar owned by Sushi Ko Main Sushi Restaurant in Ta-machi in the same city.
Mr. Oda has just been asked to take charge of the main restaurant while his very capable second, Mr. Kenta Birukawa/尾留川健太さん has been promoted Head of the Sushi Bar in Aoba.
The Bar is as good as ever, but now I will also have to check the main restaurant!

While the Missus drank her Chardonnay, I was sipping my sake brewed by Takashima Brewery in Numazu City. The above shows the snack coming with the first drink: octopus/tako/蛸 served with seaweed, momijioroshi/grated daikon with chili pepper, chopped thin leeks and ponzu!

We managed to get our favorite seats at the counter, but one half of the tatami room was busy with a group of 11 hungry salarymen!
Loads of consecutive work!

Our seats gave us the perfect view of the chefs at work!
They know us well, so they actually welcome the photography (without flash!), but make a point to ask for permission if you are a new customer (the latter applies for any restaurant!)!

On the menu of the day they had umazura tsukuri/ウマズラ造り/Filefish Sashimi Plate.
This fish whose name literally means “Horse face” is a kind of filefish found in Suruga Bay.
It was taken alive out of the fish pond!

Filefish in general is not that popular in other countries, but it definitely deserves attention.
Although it has not much meat, it makes for beautiful sashimi!

For a closer view!

Here it is, served with a dip made with its fresh liver and ponzu!
A real morsel!

Its cheeks were served deep-fried!

Chef Birukawa has kept a little to serve the perfect filefish nigiri topped with its liver and momijioroshi and some thin leeks and wasabi between the neta/topping and the shari/rice!

The Missus always asks for the maguro ponkara/鮪ぽんから/deep-fried tuna served with momiji oroshi, ponzu and sliced red onions!

Whatever the sushi restaurant we always ask for magurozuke/鮪漬/marinated tuna as each establishment has a different recipe!

Sushi Ko always have great botan ebi/牡丹海老/large sweet prawn from Hokkaido in season!

Their freshness means we are guaranteed their deep-fried heads. They make for beautiful crackers!

When we asked for anago/穴子/conger eel, they came in the perfect combination of one piece shio-aji/塩味/salted and the other one, tare-aji/たれ味/brushed with sweet sauce!

Another favorite: tachiuo aburi nigiri/太刀魚炙り握り/Seared scabbard fish nigiri seasoned with ponzu!

Chef Mirukawa’s specialty: Sushi Millefeuille!

The Millefeuille was made with maguro akami/lean tuna, cucumber, avocado and topped with flying fish roe!

A vegetarian/vegan sushi roll with natto, shiso and umboshi!

Another vegetarian/vegan sushi roll with kanpyou/干瓢/dry gourd shavings and plenty of wasabi!

Tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette!

We usually finish such meals with hot food.
The Missus had nameko mushroom miso soup with plenty of seaweed.

As for me I had chyawanmushi/茶碗蒸し/Japanese-style hot salted pudding!

And we were graciously offered Shizuoka-grown musk melon as we paid our (very reasonable) bill!

To continue…

420-0032 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Ryogae-cho, 2-3-1 (Aoba Park Street)
Tel.: 054-251-9701
Business Hours: 17:00~25:00. 17:00~23:00 (Sundays)
Closed on Wednesdays
Reservations recommended
Credit cards OK
HOMEPAGE (in Japanese)


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7 thoughts on “Sushi Restaurant: Sushi Ko in Shizuoka City (June 2011)”

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t comment here at all… I want to comment every single dish you photographed. I will just say I have written deep-fried shrimp heads, maguro ponkara and sushi millefeuille on my “Japanese dishes to do at home” list.
    The filefish sashimi is a piece of art. The plate was chosen to match it I suppose… Beautiful.
    Do you think the tuna for deep frying has to be of excellent quality? The one I can buy here is very far from what I have in a good sushi restaurant (Swiss, I can’t even imagine how it would compare to a Japanese one)…
    Otherwise I must proudly announce: not only do I know chawan mushi, but I make it from time to time (a bit thicker and with many things inside). It is one of our favourite healthy Sunday breakfasts (I have even posted it a couple of months ago I am always so happy to discover in your reviews the dishes I know how to make (even though they are far from the Japanese perfection).
    I can’t even dream of finding filefish here… (poisson lime in French?? I have never seen it).


  2. I didn’t know that they also serve Maguro with Tare sauce. I always thought, only Unagi (which I prefer) is served this way… Next time I’ll definitely try it!

    Ah, Robert… you make me starving 😀


    1. Dear Fabian!
      The maguro is not served with Tare!
      It is marinated in a mixture of soy auce, sake and mirin!
      Bets regards,

      P.S.: Did you receive my mails?


      1. Ah ok, so no Tare – but a combination of Shoyu, Sake and Mirin also sound tasty. I think I’ll try this. Is the sauce done in equal shares of the three ingredients?


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