Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Natsu Chisen

Saturday is a busy day and I just don’t have the time to go to a restaurant or back home.
No problem at all as the Shizuoka City JR Station is quite near!
As I knew that the new seasonal Summer Ekiben called Natsu Chisen/夏千扇/”The Thousand Fans of Summer” was on sale it was a good occasion to sample it!

Like the Spring edition, the box is longer than usual and beautiful and served with chopsticks and toothpick!

At 1,000 yen, it is not so cheap, but it is fresh and fast! And it is local food!

As usual the contents are clearly indicated by Tokaiken Co. Ltd.

A piece of hard transparent paper protects the contents.

Now, what do we have here?

Ume Chirime Han/梅ちりめん飯/steamed rice mixed with bits of umeboshi/pickled Japanese plum and fried shirasu/sardine whiting also called chirimenjyako!

Katsuo Ryuuta Age/鰹竜田揚/Deep-fried bonito which had been previously coated with cornstarch.
Salad of rice-vinegar-pickled cucumber, wakame seaweed and thin rice noodles.
Orange wedges.

Nikudango/肉団子/Meat ball in sweet and sour sauce.
Tamagoyaki/卵焼き/Japanese omelette (quite sweet!)
Salad of cooked beansprouts and senmai/せんまい/ a kind of wild mountain vegetable.

Yuba Hirouusu/湯葉ひろうす/Tofu ball containing vegetables.
Boiled stringbean and carrot, konnyaku/elephant’s foot tuber jelly, and simmered tougan/冬瓜/Winter melon in the shape of a leaf!

Lettuce around broiled aji/鯵/Horse mackerel and soy sauce mini bottle.
nasu/茄子/eggplant (aubergine), in this case mini-eggplant grilled, peeled and served with grated ginger!
The little green cube is matcha jelly!

Very satisfying and delicious. A real summer ekiben in spite of the name “Winter melon”!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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3 thoughts on “Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Natsu Chisen”

  1. I would definitely keep this beautiful box! I am addicted to konnyaku jelly (sweet jelly). Whenever it appears in my Japanese shop I buy several packages (it’s forbidden in UE and Switzerland, so there is always the risk one day the customs realise what it is and won’t let it pass…). Matcha jelly gives me an idea… Does it have the same consistency as the konnyaku jelly? I mean, was it made with konnyaku or another product?


      1. You may not believe it, but konnyaku jelly is prohibited in the whole UE and in Switzerland (ladies from one of the Japanese shops told me once the customs officers came and took all their stock… it was at the beginning after the famous accident with a child who choked on it! But there is still the child and old man crossed out on the package… I thought it was international as a sign, anyway I’m happy one of the shops manages to import it!)
        Other “gelatin” jellies are disgusting!


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