Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Sugii Brewery-Suginishiki Nama Moto Junmai Nakatori Genshu

What I like about Sugii Brewery in Fujieda City is that they are never short of words when it comes to explaining the manufacture and the ingredients of their nectars!

“Nama” means that it was not pasteurized.
“Nakatori” means that the sake was collected some time after the beginning of the pressing and only until some time before the end, meaning basically the best part of the pressed sake.
Finally “genshu” means that this is original sake with no later addition of pure water.

“Nama moto” means that the sake was made according to old traditions with natural lactic acid.

Rice: Shizuoka-grown Yamada Nishiki 100%
Rice milled down to 60%
Alcohol: 17~18 degrees
Dryness: + 4.5
Acidity: 1.5
Yeast: Shizuoka HD-1
Bottled in December 2011

Clarity: Very clear
Color: Faint golden hue
Aroma: Sharpish, fruity and complex. Pears, oranges, dark chocolate and banana.
Body: Fluid
Taste: Dryish, fruity and complex attack backed up with a pleasant combination of alcohol and junmai petillant.
Very deep pleasurable acidity.
At first reveals oranges and a faint note of dark chocolate while warming up the palate.
Lingers on for a while before disappearing with dry mandarines. Coffee beans peek out later in further sips with a junmai petillant comeback along with notes of greens and dry almonds.
Varies little with food. Marries well with izakaya-style or European stew-like food.

Overall: Unusual by Shizuoka standards, but eminently drinkable on its own. Marries well with food.
Does not linger that long, thus inviting you to the next glass.
A sake perfect for hot winter food!
Its deep and pleasant acidity combining with complex fruitiness define its character.
A sake for people who love the izakaya gastronomy!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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