Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2012/01/18): 2012 Dark Sky Debut and Upcoming Taproom Events

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

2012 Dark Sky Debut and Upcoming Taproom Events

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Our news cup has runneth over and this bulletin is packed with announcements. Where to start? That is easy: the 2012 debut of Dark Sky Imperial Stout.

New Baird Beer Seasonal Releases:
*Dark Sky Imperial Stout 2012 (9.5%):

This foreboding stout is a beer lover’s winter dream. It is pitch-black in color, unctuous in body, elusively complex in flavor, warming in alcohol and piquantly hoppy. This 2012 version is more highly attenuated than previous, bumping the alcohol strength to 9.5%. The hop BUs total 80 (up from 75 a year ago) and include significant aroma contributions from a combination of Sterling, East Kent Golding and Hallertau Tradition. As with all our big beers, we krausen at packaging to produce a secondary fermentation, natural carbonation and continued flavor evolution. If you want to take the nip out of winter, this is your brew!

Dark Sky Imperial Stout begins pouring at our Taproom pubs, and at other Baird Beer retailing establishments in Japan, on Friday, January 20. Bottles (633 ml) also are available and can be purchased either through our fine family of BB retailing Japan liquor shops or direct from the brewery via our online Eshop.

Upcoming Taproom Events:
*Big Beer Winter Weekend @ Nakameguro Taproom (Jan. 20 – 22):

This event is our annual ode to the wonderful world of strong beers, or winter warmers, as they’re known in season. We will be featuring twelve Big Beers (six Baird and six guest) during the weekend festivities. These will be:

(a) Baird:

Jubilation Ale
Hatsujozo 2012 Strong Belgian Gold
Yabai-Yabai Strong Scotch Ale
West Coast Wheat Wine
Dark Sky Imperial Stout
Ganko Oyaji Barley Wine
(b) Guest:

Rogue Mogul Madness
Green Flash Imperial IPA
Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Coffee Stout
Lagunitas Imperial Stout
Left Coast Asylum Belgian Triple
Rogue Old Crustacean Barley Wine
Big Beer Winter Weekend Drink Cards (7,200 yen) containing punches for all twelve Big Beers will be available for purchase. Customers who complete the card during the weekend will receive a free, and newly designed, Baird Beer logo glass (500 ml or 250 ml size). A la carte Big Beer purchases will be welcome also.

In addition to the fantastic lineup of strong ales, chef Ishikawa and the kitchen staff are busy designing a special weekend food menu to match and compliment the big beers. Sayuri, John and I will be in attendance Friday evening to kick off this special weekend of gluttony. Please join us.

*Taproom Live — Sat. Jan. 21 @ Fishmarket Taproom; Sun. Jan. 22 @ Bashamichi Taproom:

Aside from good food and friendly camaraderie, nothing pairs better with beer than excellent music. We are privileged to be hosting two live performances of acclaimed Irish fiddle player, Dale Russ, who will be accompanied by his friend and accomplished musician, Kyoto-based Jay Gregg. Shows on both evenings will start at 7:00 pm. There will be a JPY 500 cover charge at the door. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Taproom Improvements:

Both in the brewery and at our Taprooms, we always are in search of ways to get better. We have hit on two changes to our Taproom service that we think will further enhance the customer experience: (1) new Baird Beer glassware, and(2) newly designed Baird Beer menus.

Glassware plays an important role in the experience of fine beer. In our judgement, the finest beer glassware is crafted in Germany. It has taken us eleven years of hard work in order to be able to afford it, but at last we are turning to glassware from one of Germany’s premier makers — Sahm. Beginning Friday, January 20, Baird Beer poured at our Taproom pubs will be served in volume delineated and BB-logoed Sahm glasses (500 ml and 250 ml sizes for year-round beer; 400 ml and 200 ml sizes for seasonal beer).

Together with the new glassware, we will be debuting a beautiful new Baird Beer menu that has been designed by our talented artist friend, Ms. Eiko Nishida. It is a lovely, full-color menu, printed on wood that is bi-lingual (Japanese on one side, English the other). All of this has been in the making for some time now and we are thrilled finally to be ready to share it with you.


Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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