Portraits of Shizuoka #4/PART 1: (ENGLISH CAPTIONS/FRENCH)

Greetings everyone !

Do not forget to activate the captions

. Today is the part 1 of our short video/documentary about Roger Voltz, Martial Arts Specialist and Noh Masks Carver. This video focus on two points.

1: The legend of Hagoromo, taking place in Miho No Matsubara which was registered as a part of Mt. Fuji’s world heritage site in June of 2013. 2: A short introduction of Roger Voltz, how he made is way to Japan and his particular relationship with Martial Arts and Noh Masks. The Second point will be developed in the next video that will be released soon

. The third video Roger will go further into the masks creation process. Stay in tune !

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