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Japanese Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine Ingredient: Yomogi!

“Yomogi”, also called “Mochigusa” (mochi grass) has been picked, used and grown for ages in most of this country, first as a medicinal herb and second for food.
Its latin name is “Artemisia princeps”. It mainly grows in mountains on sun-exposed slopes. Not to be confused with “niga-yomogi”, the Japanese name for thujone, e.g. absinthe!

Preparation of wagashi/Japanese cakes made with rice flour, yomogi and anko/sweetmeats!

It blooms in June~July. Farmers have long used its roots as medicine, after pressing water out and drying them.
The leaves are considered to help against lack of appetite, thin blood, stomach colds, diarrhea, nose bleed, constipation and gout. They are aslo extensively used in baths.
As for medicine make Yomogi sake: Leave 300g. of leaves in 1.8 l. of sake for half a year. Drink a 20ml, 3 times a day.
Leaves can be applied on insect-bitten skin.

“Kintsuba/Sabre guard” wagashi made with rice flour, yomogi and sweetmeats (Miwa Supermarket, Shizuoka City)

There are many ways to enjoy them as food as well as medicine:
-Sasa Dango

Sasa Dango

In Shizuoka, you will also find many farmers selling a sweet in the shape of a hot cake with sweetmeats (anko) inside.


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